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the history of HIV in america

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The History of HIV in America


When two individuals met their needs through sexual interaction , there are possible effects that will occur after the contact both are capable of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases as a result . It will not choose races , ages , color as long as the individual interact sexually they are at risk in the possible result of that actions

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus that will lead and certainly cause AIDS or acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome , there is still no cure for these particular diseases but there [banner_entry_middle]

were drugs to protect the affected immune system and will slow down the spreading virus . Health development groups had advising the general public to get precautionary methods to know their health care for treatments regarding this matter

This would like to know the history of the sexually transmitted diseases the HIV and apparently shows the cause and effect of the currently spreading diseases in America hence it will summed up the in dept detail in how America provides appropriate solutions on the highly infectious diseases since it started and up to the present time

Spreading HIV

It begin with the syndrome of gay cancer or colloquialism the highly spread throughout the American communities in 1980 , were the doctors discovered this type of diseases that was based on their observations on the realization of death of individuals especially gays after having sex , there were a lot of terms recognized by the disease these were GRID or Gay Related Immune Deficiency and PCP or Pneumocystis pneumonia

In 1982 the medical community discovered that this was just a diseases acquired by the opposite sex but all types of relationships that had indulge both parties sexually can acquire the diseases it was then that the syndrome was renamed and recently known as the HIV or AIDS

There were researches conducted earlier in 1969 due to the death of St Louise Boy , who was believed to be sexually active , that had been related to the HIV blood samples that were infectious in Africa during 1959

It was in 1986 that President Reagan agreed with the France President Mitterrand that the virus was officially called HIV

1987 known for its HIV best work by Randy Shilts entitled And the Band Played On that demonstrate the crisis of the spreading diseases that had results to the numerous death of people , that had result of organization that assist this kind of scenario , Larry Kramer formed the Aids Coalition to unleash Power during this year

There were hypotheses that were still a major controversial up to this moment , for the treatments to widely spread diseases the U .S government is still finding the accurate medicines to cure the disease

Transmission of HIV

Based on research study shows that the following are the main reasons in acquiring the disease is through the body fluids like vaginal fluids blood , semen and even breast milk

Here are the most common ways of passing the disease from one person to another… [banner_entry_footer]


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