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the History and art of Music

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The History and Art of Music

History of Music

Music has been used in history even earlier than language has been used . Among others , if all cultures had something in common , it was that music had been a part of their history , has been known to influence and shape different cultures and have been part in the development of the society . Reciprocally , the culture ‘s music is heavily influenced by many aspects about the society such as the pervading culture itself , the socio-economic situation , the environment , as well as the technology (History [banner_entry_middle]

of Music , 2006

Music is influenced by the environment because the composers as part of the society cannot be separated from the context in which they belong Thus , it can be said that music has been influencing and at the same time , is being influenced by the many factors that shape the society This can be illustrated by most periods in history starting from the prehistoric to the present

The prehistoric times can be said to be the period when man was most unified with nature and it is not surprising for historians to theorize that music during that period was influenced by natural sounds such as birdsongs , wind blowing , and the rustles of leaves (Music , 2006 . For civilization to proceed there must be a way of communication among men and in the prehistoric times , and historians believe that men use sounds imitated from nature to communicate with others

Music predating language is referred to as prehistoric music . Examples of such music include the Native American Music , Aboriginal Music and what non-European continents call folk ‘ indigenous ‘ or traditional ‘ music (History of Music , 2006 . The term Ancient music ‘ refers to the music that followed Prehistoric ‘ Their only difference is that ancient music existed in a period when man had become more civilized antedating the beginning of language (History of Music 2006

As the different societies develop and as men became more civilized , so did the music and its purpose . But to all societies , the purpose of music was and is still among entertainment , celebration and religion . In Asia , particularly in China and Japan for example , music had been a part of court entertainment . Japan had religious songs , gathering songs and children ‘s songs . India , in its classical times used music as a religious inspiration addressed to their religious deities , as a form of cultural expression or pure entertainment (History of Music , 2006 History may show that music had similar purposes for different societies but the development of music in history has always been tracked through its evolution in the West , particularly , in Europe

Very little is known about the diverse musical traditions of not only in other parts of the world but particularly in medieval Europe where as said earlier , was the point of reference in describing the history of music . It was only during the Middle Ages , when the power of the Roman Catholic Church was at its peak that these various musical traditions were unified (History of… [banner_entry_footer]


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