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The High & Northern Renaissance ( HAMLET)

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Code : The High Northern Renaissance (Hamlet Page 1 What a piece of work is man ! How noble in reason ! How infinite in faculty ! That is according to William Shakespeare . But for me , that is not enough , for Man is a lot more than that . You see if Shakespeare belongs to the Northern Renaissance , while the Southern Renaissance is the future , it is the comfort of life and all about modernism

Early Southern Renaissance : Historians sometime refer to the massive social and cultural transformations of the early 20th century modern for many- [banner_entry_middle]

and especially for many during the period-such great change and social upheaval raised the question : What kind of life is the best to live ? Is the modern ‘ world headed in the right direction , or are we going the wrong way ? For in the south , such questions often involved a desire to protect tradition and myth from being destroyed by the influx of new ways of thinking and living

Through an exploration of the historical and literary contexts with which southern renaissance was most concerned , the video , the archive and the curriculum materials work together to give students a broad understanding of the south ‘ within the large fabric of U .S . history in the early 20th century . Those context include : 1 . the goals , values and influence of the literary group known as the southern agrarians 2 the extensive and complicated history of racial segregation in the south maintained Jim Crow ‘ laws and etiquette 3 .the rise of the motion picture as popular entertainment and the ways mass culture begin to produce a model for his northern contemporaries by which they could combine their own empirical interest in naturalistic detail with the more theoretical

Code : The High Northern Renaissance ( Hamlet Page 2 Aspects of Italian Art (Source : HYPERLINK “http /www /earner .org /amerpass /unit13 /instructor .html http /www /earner .org /amerpass /unit13 /instructor .html

In the views of these artists , such as Michelangelo , his genius was mainly manifested through painting , sculptor and architecture . The self-portrait of Albrecht Durer and the literary works of Pico Mirandola , in his famous oracion about the Dignity of Man , which emphasizes dignity and the worth of Man , and most of all the Hamlet of Shakespeare . These people , for me I can say that they are already satisfied in life . Since they found the meaning of their existence through their respective works , of which until now is admired . But the other group of people in the Northern renaissance are engaged in wars So that , invading other territories at that period is a way asserting power . While the southern renaissance refers to the future . So that when you compare the two it will be between the past and the present Though , there are artist at that time , but invasions and wars are everywhere . The southern then is at least enjoying a peaceful life , so that what is next to that but to seek for the comfort life could offer The southern renaissance have no more geniuses… [banner_entry_footer]


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