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The heart of Hasting

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Hello Amy , good work , I had a group discussion recently , I got some notes written down , and I hope it will clarify some of the questions Can you modify some answers appropriately , Thank you very much for your help Important note (in the essay requirement

– a well-organized essay form , containing in the following elements in your thesis and essay

– summarize and reflect on significant elements (arrangement , diction tone , and style , including your input and ideas

– Make sure your diction and phrasing clearly convey to the reader where your analysis and input [banner_entry_middle]


– Therefore , do not write a straight summary of the text , but rather discuss , reflect on , or analyze the selected points you find important to write about

Use mostly present tense when citing and analyzing the text

Discussion Questions : THE WORST BLOCK IN VANCOUVER (Page 32-58

Who would be the audience for this article ? How can you tell

The audience for this article would be for individuals who live in the Vancouver area for some time . They may be older residents who have lived through some of the changes described in the article . They would recognize the street names and the names of the neighbourhoods and remember what they used to be like . The author attempts to note that these areas have always been an important part of the city , especially discussing them as being impetuses for change and the catalyst for reform organizers , both for and against the ghettos

What are the larger key points , questions , debates , and arguments the author is raising about defining and classifying a city : this includes who defines and classifies the city what /who is remembered or forgotten in its history who and what is its future what are its values who should inhabit its spaces what are its spaces for , including areas such as the Downtown Eastside

This article deals with the necessity of defining a city . First , a city is composed of its geographical area – the downtown area is composed of buildings and infrastructure and businesses . One debate lies in what these physical structures should be . Should they be public housing and help for individuals who are disadvantaged or should they be upscale stores , condominiums and cafes ? The second aspect of a city concerns its people . The article asks , Who has a right to the city – the people who already live there or the people moving there ? Does wealth make a person more entitled ? It seems that the developers say yes ‘ IF the city develops into an urban mecca for the rich , where will the disadvantaged go ? The articles seems to argue that it is not fair to take an army of police through an area to wipe it clean for the wealthy to move in without having to stoop to looking at the poor and decrepit

What is the central debate around what to do regarding the future of the Downtown Eastside

Investors are interested in pushing up property values by converting the downtown areas… [banner_entry_footer]


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