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The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby ‘ is one of the most outstanding works written by F Scott Fitzgerald . The main character of the story is a prosperous man Jay Gatsby , whose ambitions and romance with an aristocratic young woman , Daisy , led to a tragic end . Nevertheless , it is possible to say that Daisy becomes a victim of customs and traditions of the society Thesis The character of Daisy has not grown and benefited from her experience remaining cold and unsympathetic woman who escapes at the end of the novel

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story , Fitzgerald portrays inner conflict of Daisy personality and her social status dreams . Form the very beginning Daisy is depicted as unsympathetic woman who value money and social status only . He knew that Daisy was extraordinary , but he didn ‘t realize just how extraordinary a nice ‘ girl could be . her rich , full life , leaving Gatsby – nothing (Gatsby , Ch .8 . Daisy is by no means altogether likeable or admirable – and it is one of greatest strengths that Fitzgerald makes readers respond to such characters by presenting them with a sort of luminous completeness . Fundamentally amiable , Daisy is also snobbish . Her temporary inability to accept the normal is the product her epoch : Daisy has a perfect breeding and tries to prove her social position

Gatsby and his love do not change Daisy ‘s attitude towards wealth and social position . It is evident that Daisy does not love Gatsby seeing marriage with Tom as a tool to take a high social position she does not have . They have unhappy but stable marriage . It seems that she is happy about the way her life turned out to be , but life struggle makes her unsympathetic and callous towards others . Trying to support her social status , Daisy uses `lie ‘ as the main tool to hide some facts of her biography , The narrator comments : `Daisy was not a Catholic and I was a little shocked at the elaborateness of the lie (Fitzgerald , Ch . 2

Fitzgerald rings up questions concerning moral health of people , and in spite of all the negative life lessons , Daisy has not been not changed Through the character of Daisy Fitzgerald portrays that inability to mature and understand the true value of relations is inevitable evil people face with which destroyed their lives . Fitzgerald ridicules the class ‘s pretensions to knowledge and values and its faith in the power of money and love . Low morals of high class and false social values followed by Daisy show confrontations between love and honesty . From childhood , she is unsatisfied with life and with reality seeing marriage with Tom as the only possible way to become rich . As though to emphasize his vision of the life-denying nature of modern society , Fitzgerald does not change the character of Daisy and her personal values . In contrast he underlines that Gatsby tries to build pure relations with Daisy based on faith and eternal love , but fails

The car accident and the death of Gatsby show that Daisy remains cold… [banner_entry_footer]


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