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The Future of the AMerican Negro by Booker T washington

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Washington ‘s views , was somewhat misconstrued to believe he was selling out ‘ to the majority of American Society . His confidence was in the economical and financial gains what were long term and wielded tangible influence . Washington was convinced through hard work and the financial success of entrepreneurial enterprises , respect and equality would be gained for African Americans and up lifting ‘ of the race would be a natural evolutionary process

Author Jacqueline M . Moore was injudicious in her conclusion , he (Washington ) was the only one capable of negotiating with both the white North [banner_entry_middle]

and the white South and that outspoken protest would simply make matters worse (Moore , 2003 ,

. 68 . Mistaking his silence for weakness overlooks effective participation in politics and underlying influence in advancing the African American race . What is clearly overlooked is Washington uncanny foresight by recognizing the importance of financial and economic gains over social gains . As an active partner in the industrial revolution , Washington knew that access to business opportunities and the possibility to receive an industrial education Compared to modern day choices , sign on with Bill Gates in the beginning or Al Sharpton ? This was option was clearly the proper path , noted by the number of successful African American business that flourished during segregation , i .e . Johnson Publishing , A . G . Gaston Insurance Motown , etc . Even though African Americans had limited political power and remained segregated socially , pure economic growth would have accelerated true racial uplift and the issue of economical inequality would be issue today Reference (s

Jacqueline M . Moore , 2003 , Booker T . Washington , W .E .B . Du Bois , and the Struggle for Racial Uplift , For Racial Uplift . Wilmington , Delaware Scholarly Resources… [banner_entry_footer]


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