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The Formalist Critique (book: Othello)

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Othello Othello In the play Othello , the character of Othello possesses an aura of personality that makes him distinguished as well naive and unrefined as compared with other characters in the play and other Shakespearean protagonists . That is the sole reason that why he fell a prey to Iago ‘s plot . Iago told Roderigo , O , sir , content you . I follow him [Othello] to serve my turn upon him (I , i lines 38-9 . Iago explains that only follow Othello to certain extent . A rudimentary supposition is that as the murder of Othello [banner_entry_middle]

‘s wife Desdemona is the result of deceitfulness of Iago , so himself remained a victim to the evil genius of Iago . Othello ‘s wrath was a product of his impulsiveness , the inherent flaw in his character , but that was utilized and triggered by the machination of Iago

The offense of Iago – to conspire the demise of the Moor – is worse since it is embedded in a shrewd mind with organized attempt whereas the wrongdoing of Othello was the result of his naivete . He was blindfolded by a thorn in the heart and mind . But his sin can not be justified only on this ground as there were various methods to check the blameworthiness . However , it can be illustrated that Othello permitted himself to be influenced by Iago ‘s proposition of the unfaithfulness of Desdemona . Iago only provides a justification that was needed by Othello . Some critics are of the view that Desdemona ‘s murder is an outcome of Othello ‘s excessive arrogance and his impulsiveness to decision-making

Despite this major flaw , he possessed some distinct personality traits His has the capacity to build positive and reciprocal relationships and to take a number of steps to persuade . He possesses the capability to tailor an approach to appeal to the needs of a particular audience and an example of this relationship building is his genuine companionship with Iago . But again this trait of Othello is used against him as Iago takes advantage of his trust and design more evil plots against him

Although Othello possesses some evil propensities but he is capable of preventing these base and evil instincts to dominate him

In to locate the degree and gravity of his sins , his motives fro his evil actions must be taken into consideration . It can be argued that his sins are product of weak mental faculties and some inherent flaws in his character . It was further enhanced by the manipulation of Iago instead of his pride . His action of murdering Desdemona was also not due to deficiency of confidence as he was a strong leader as manifested by his ability to command military and various other states affairs . But his leadership does not mean that he was forfeited against personal fantasies and whims of imagination

Othello ‘s basic dilemma was that he was in a milieu . He was in a new city with a new bride who was graceful and young . Furthermore , Othello was in deep love with her… [banner_entry_footer]


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