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The Ever Growing Concern of Ballot Accuracy among the American Electorate

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The Ever Growing Concern of Ballot Accuracy among the American Electorate

It is possible to say that the advent into the picture of the touch-screen voting machines is the evolution of technology that had started out from ballot , then graduated to mechanical lever machines , punch cards , chad , optical scan , and finally what is known as direct recording electronic (DRE ) where there are no ballots involved had emerged in around 1978 . [1] What is involved in the recent DRE , the touch-screen voting system is those who are candidates on a given election [banner_entry_middle]

will be displayed on the screen for the voters to see and the voters could push buttons or they simply touch the screen that has the name and the picture of the candidate of their choice and the vote will be recorded by the computer . Most probably the touch-screen voting system is the most efficient voting system till date as it is possible to know what is taking place much faster and it could also expedite the voting process , because there is no need to count the vote after it is recorded in the computers memory , a solution that was also available to the earlier technologies such as the mark-sense voting system , for example , although all of them involved the use of some kind of a ballot . This means touch-screen technology was the only voting mechanism that eliminated the use of . However , instead getting commendation for such an accomplishment critics have highlighted the shortcomings of such voting method that is barren of a audit trail . [2]

Many reasons had been put forward to dispute the advantages of DRE one of them being the integrity and accuracy of the vote . Critics are saying that if there arise a need to recount the ballots there is no means of accomplishing that since the DRE does not have a trail that makes ballot printout possible . The other problem cited was there is no means of guaranteeing that the machine is recording the voting correctly . There are reported incidents where the computers lost votes subtracted votes instead of adding them , and at times a single vote entry could have been recorded as a double vote or even several times [3]

What is at stake when it comes to voting are accuracy , anonymity scalability , and speed and the computerized voting system avails all of these features at a very high degree of efficiency , albeit the accuracy aspect of the voting system that is compromised because of few incidents here and there . The highly disputed functionality of the touch screen voting system is it does not leave any audit trail , although the manufacturers have said that if the need comes it is possible to have a printout of what took place . Nevertheless , before arriving at such a conclusion , the critics stated that there is a need for a better means of verifying if the system records what the voters are performing on the screen exactly as they want it… [banner_entry_footer]


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