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the EU compared to the NAFTA

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: the EU compared to the NAFTA

p : language The EU compared to the NAFTA

1 ) What is the EU

The European Union (EU ) is a community of nations and governments belonging to the Europe continent established under the Maastricht Treaty , 1992 . It is composed of 27 member nations . It is one of the largest political and economic community ‘s existent in the World . It is composed of a single market , and a single currency adopted by 13 countries in the Union . Several nations under the EU also have adopted a [banner_entry_middle]

common agriculture and fishery policy . People are allowed to travel without Passports across the bs of member nations of the EU . The formation of EU dates back to 1951 , in an effort to prevent development of conflicts between its member nations . However , the EU as an Intergovernmental organization has done just more than preventing wars and has established itself as an economic giant

What countries are members of the EU

The member nations of the EU include Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Italy , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain Sweden and United Kingdom

– History

The EU was formed under the Maastricht Treaty on 1st November , 1993 The process of cooperation and integration actually began in 1951 , with 6 countries in Europe , namely , France , Italy , Belgium , Luxembourg Netherlands and West Germany . The Treaty of Rome was signed by these members in 1957 to form the European Economic Community . This community cooperated in several fields such as Coal , steel , economic growth atomic energy , etc . With the Maastricht Treaty , the community was renamed as the European community

– What does the EU do ? What are their main functions

The EU has four decision-making bodies , namely , the Council of Ministers , the European Commission , the European Parliament , and the European Court of Justice . The council of Ministers gives their decisions on important proposals made by the European Commission . The European Commission ensures that steps are carried out as mentioned in the Treaty . Commissioners are appointed to carry this role from the member states for a period of 5 years . The European Parliament suggests and gives their decision about important legislations . The European Court of Justice examines if the EU does acts within its purview . It takes actions on member nations that do not follow the EU directives It helps to ensure that the specifications under the EU policy are followed , and if any clash occurs it gives its decision . The European Ombudsman investigates the activities carried out by the EU institutions and bodies

The most important function the EU performs is to maintain and develop a single and effective market . The EU permits free movement of capital products and services between the member states . A common system of taxation , customs and excise is followed . The EU maintains a single currency for some of its member states , which is known as the `Euro The EU is framing policies… [banner_entry_footer]


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