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The Egypt Game

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The Egypt Game


The Egypt Game

The Egypt Game

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First published in 1967 , The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatly , the Egypt Game is a very interesting book that is very hard to put down . The story starts to get interesting when a group of friends started to play pretend that they are in Egypt . Melanie Ross met April Hall and at first , it looks like they don ‘t have anything in common . But she soon discovers that they both love anything to do with ancient Egypt . When [banner_entry_middle]

br they stumble upon a deserted storage yard behind the A-Z Antiques and Curio Shop , Melanie and April decide it ‘s the perfect spot for Egypt Game . Soon enough , more friends joined them and there are six Egyptians instead of two . After school and on weekends they all meet to wear costumes , hold ceremonies , and work on their secret code

The readers are soon transported in a world that is laced with worship of both good and evil through the children playing their imaginary games . Priests and priestesses practicing rituals , ceremonies , and sacrifices to these gods are also read throughout the book . Early in the game , the young girls determine they will be priestesses of the evil god Set . An altar and idol are erected to Set and they bow before him in worship . However , instead of Set being just another imaginary character that Melanie made out of cardboard , he seemed to grow and develop almost on his own , and all out of control and until he was more than evil , and at times a lot more than Egyptian . April and Melanie got terribly involved in composing and practicing rites and ceremonies for the god The rituals were very complicated and the correct of processions chants , prostrations , sprinklings with holy water and sacrificial offerings had to be written down so that they wouldn ‘t be forgotten

Now , the Egypt game has captured the friends and it becomes more than just a game of pretend and imagination

The Egypt Game

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This book has very interesting characters . They are not just kids but children who have different family backgrounds and origin . April , missed her mom Dorthea who is a movie star . Her mother does not want to take care of her so she is sent with her grandmother Caroline . April has excellent imagination and she is very active in the game since she is also very interested in ancient stuff . Melanie on the other hand , likes playing with dolls . She is African-American , and is April ‘s best friend . Melanie likes to learn , especially about Egypt , and loves to imagine things . Marshall is Melanie ‘s younger brother who always carries a stuffed octopus around as opposed to a security blanket . Marshall is around five in age but is very mature . Toby enjoys acting and also has a very good imagination he is Ken ‘s friend who always wants to be with him . Ken played the game because Toby did The… [banner_entry_footer]


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