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the effects of noise pollution

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: The effects of noise pollution

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Noise is becoming a severe disturbance to the human environment , and is deteriorating at a very fast rate , such that it is beginning to threaten human existence . Sometimes , following a loud noise , we temporarily tend to get deafened , and it may take a while for hearing to return . This transient loss of hearing is known as `temporary threshold shift , and it often places the individual at a risk of developing permanent hearing loss . The minute hair cells and [banner_entry_middle]

present in the organ of Corti are very sensitive to harsh noises and get destroyed easily . These delicate hair cells transmit electrochemical signals that are pricked up by the nerves in the inner ear and transmitted to the brain . Prolonged exposure to these harsh noises destroys the organ of Corti itself and results in permanent deafness (Bugliarello , et al , 1976 . Children may not learn to speak properly if they develop hearing loss . Hence , parents should protect the child ‘s hearing so that other functions do not get affected (Bugliarello , et al , 1976

Hearing loss is beginning to affect the population , but it is seldom taken seriosuly . Observations demonstrate that some humans are unable to hear high frequency sounds in the range of 20 Hz , although sounds in this frequency were classified as audible (Fletcher et al , 1953 Hearing loss is of two types , namely , conductive and sensorineural . In the conductive type , due to rupture of the eardrum or abnormalities in the ossicles of the middle ear (tiny bones which amplify the sound ways , the sound waves do not arrive at the cochlea . Several hearing devices are available to counteract this type of hearing loss (Bugliarello , et al , 1976 . Sensorineural hearing loss worsens along with aging , but loud noises also play an important role . The organ of Corti (that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and transmits it to the brain ) present in the inner ear is affected . It is the most common type of hearing loss in the US . Teenagers who are in a habit of listening to rock music played at loud volume for a long period of time are at a risk of developing this type of hearing loss (Bugliarello , et al , 1976 . Sensorineural deafness tends to be affected with prolonged exposure to higher noise levels , and is experienced as gradual hearing loss . Specialized miniature devices implanted into the auditory canal can help to overcome this type of hearing loss (Nunez , D .G . et al , 1998

Noise disturbances can also affect sleep patterns and mental health Studies conducted previously demonstrated a clear relation between noise sensitivity , noise annoyance , sleep-disturbance and certain psychological symptoms with exposure to noise pollution (both at the work-place and at home . Community surveys conducted demonstrated that the effects of noise pollution often lead to impairment in the health status . A study conducted demonstrated that exposure to higher noise levels during the night resulted in being awakened and sleeplessness for… [banner_entry_footer]


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