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The Devil Wear`s Prada and Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management in The Devil Wears Prada

The novel The Devil Wears Prada is an example of how not to conduct a business in regard to human resource management . Miranda Priestly violates every rule in regard to hiring , her employees ‘ working hours benefits and compensation . Her assistants work at least twelve hours a day without overtime pay hiring practices include not hiring any woman who cannot fit into a size four . Miranda gives instructions with little information and expects them to be followed perfectly , regardless of whether these instructions are given [banner_entry_middle]

in the office or after she has called her assistants at home on the weekend . In spite of these business practices , Miranda Priestly is considered the epitome of taste and style . Miranda uses threats and intimidation to run her magazine , which in the real world , would set her up for a bankruptcy-sized lawsuit

Andrea Sachs plans to be a writer , but she needs a job in to survive until that happens . She applies for the job as Miranda ‘s second assistant because it is , in fact , a job with a publication . The first problem with Andrea Sachs ‘ new job is that she is told if she can stick it out for a year , she will have her choice of assignments in the future . This is the lure that entices Andrea to take the job , even though her intention is to be a writer , not an errand girl . However , she understands that she has to start at the bottom , and this is the way to do it . The one part of her job that is made clear to her is that Emily as Miranda ‘s first assistant , will handle Miranda ‘s business for the magazine , while Andrea will mostly be running personal errands Unfortunately , her job requires little time learning about the magazine and its practices and more time being Miranda ‘s personal slave . Miranda frequently holds the promise of better jobs to come over her head in to keep her from quitting . On page 327 , Miranda hints that she might be willing to put in a call to The New Yorker (the site of Andrea ‘s dream job , when they return from Paris . This implies , of course , that Andrea must do anything she is asked , no matter how unreasonable . Job promotions and giving a good reference should be based on specific job performance , not on the whims of an impossible-to- boss

Acceptable hiring practices are violated immediately when Andrea is hired with no mention of pay , benefits , or working hours (Weisberger 2003 ,

. 27 . An employer should first offer the candidate the job , and then discuss salary , potential overtime , and working hours . The prospective employee also needs to know what benefits come with the job Andrea isn ‘t offered the job she is informed that Miranda is willing to hire her . Neither Miranda nor Emily gives Andrea a complete job . She is merely left to assume that she will be told what to do and… [banner_entry_footer]


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