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The Development of Gender Identities

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THE MYTH OF SINGLE GENDER IDENTITY INTERACTIONS Gender identity is the manner in which gender , masculine or feminine is visualized in a society . It provides different roles for genders and dictates the manner in which these are to be performed . Gender identity also has a powerful influence on the manner in which people dress , act think and even relate to each other . Gender identity has historically been a critical issue . It has assumed significant dimensions in the modern communications rich world where transfer of information in a group , society , state or the [banner_entry_middle]

World at large is happening at a rapid pace . There is resistance in societies against adoption of roles which are not atypical to gender identity and it has frequently resulted in ostracizing leaders adopting such roles . The level of resistance could be restricted to individuals violating the rules of society or could be widespread and virulent such as oppression of women in traditional societies . It could also be mild such as verbal abuse or be severe in the form of rape and torture . Greater interaction between genders is considered ideal for creating better gender equality . This conventional wisdom however is not borne by experience . Single gender interactions in the modern organizational perspective have a better scope for developing gender equality as it allows respective genders to make and sustain their own rules , provides greater acuity in defining gender identity and its veracity has been proved by empirical evidence drawn from leadership training programs

Gender identity is frequently regarded as arbitrarily defined rules established by society to govern the manner in which men or women are required to dress , behave , maintain a relationship and even think . In a multi gender environment , it is likely that views of the dominating gender which in most societies is the male would prevail . However through greater single gender activity , opportunities are provided to the male or the female community to evolve norms through mutual discussion and agreement . Given the support of their primary reference groups , measures can then be taken to sustain them . Thus single gender activity will create better gender equality by evolution of appropriate responses to transformations in larger society

The attitudes and thinking on gender identity provide meaning for defining it . As positions change so does our understanding . Thus a standard agreement which is universally applicable for long periods does not exist . This also increases the degree of difficulty in resolving conflict that arises from viewing gender through different perspectives of time , social , political and cultural frame works . Single gender interaction provides the necessary awareness of gender differential under these varied circumstances by summarizing different experiences This in turn assists in coagulating responses to gender identity . This greater acuity in gender perception develops confidence and enables overcoming fears and apprehensions

Empirical evidence for the benefits of single gender interaction has been provided by examining facts of benefits obtained through single gender training programs for leaders (Ohlott , 2002 . This is contrary to the popular notion that since most settings in practical… [banner_entry_footer]


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