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The Demon in Dame Van Winkle

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Dame Van Winkle is cast as the ultimate antagonist in the famed classic Rip Van Winkle . Readers do not , on a tangible level , witness the seemingly endless and horrific abuse suffered by Rip . The guile of Dame Van Winkle , however , is referenced repeatedly throughout the story Thus , readers are left to wonder : What is it that Dame does that is so awful

Dame Van Winkle acts as allegorical social commentary : if a woman is the sole cause of all of a man ‘s distress , then the [banner_entry_middle]

man is not responsible for the irresponsible actions he commits in his life . If , then , the man seeks an enjoyable , stress-free life , the objective is to remove the woman from his life

Direct correlation is made between Rip Van Winkle ‘s discontent and Dame Van Winkle ‘s constant nagging . The author adds more credibility with Rip ‘s supernatural slumber where he learns of his wife ‘s death . The sensation of relief creates bliss for Rip

Irving also used his story as a form of social commentary . Irving hoped to characterize that fact that men need to stop blaming women as the catalyst that leads to misery and in their own life . To make the point , Dame Van Winkle is a fairly easy target to a woman ‘s supposed scorn . Aside from what we are told from the viewpoint of Rip Van Winkle , we never actually experience this horrid monstrosity for ourselves . This , in effect , curbs the reader from making their own judgments and opinions . The author does this to allow the reader to feel what it ‘s like for Dame not being given a chance to express herself

This entire tale is one-sided and entirely biased , which leads to scrutiny . If readers are to believe in the indescribable wickedness of Dame Van Winkle , then we need to see examples of it so that we can make our own fair judgments . The entire premise that Dame is the strife in Rip ‘s life does not offer the reader a chance to see the other side . It makes a character one-dimensional if we do not see some semblance of good in them . If a character is not offered the chance to defend the reasons behind their actions , then the story loses the impact that is offered as a story reaches a climax . Plus , even if she were offered the chance to defend herself , her negative portrayal would become more apparent

Dame Van Winkle , according to Rip ‘s one-sided portrayal of Dame , is single-handedly responsible for all of the stress in his life . There are constant references to her termagant (450 ) nature , her continually dinning (451 , how he was a henpecked husband (451 , and how Times grew worse and worse with Rip Van Winkle as years of matrimony rolled on (451 . Pity plays into this when his wife is described as such a relentless beast . Yet we also know that Rip was a lazy man : The great error in Rip ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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