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The Concept of Surface Area of a Cube

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The Concept of Surface Area of a Cube

The skills required for completing the task are measuring , sawing (cutting , attaching , screwing , painting . A cube has 6 faces namely the 4 side faces , the top and bottom . All the faces are equal in size . We need to make the sides and attach them to make the cube .6 sheets of 3ft x 3ft . are required to make the cube of size 3ft x 3ft x 3ft We have 3 sheets of 3ft x 6ft to make the 6 sheets . Each sheet has to be cut [banner_entry_middle]

into two sheets of 3ft x 3ft . The sheet has to be cut parallel to the shorter side in the mid of the longer side

The next job is attaching these sides to make the box . Epoxy is applied to the edges of each cut sheet to attach them . First we take two sheets apply epoxy to their edges and place them perpendicular to ground and to each other . We can use a support (like a stool or chair ) to keep them in place . We do the same to two other sheets . We have to allow them to dry for 15 minutes for the epoxy to settle . These two perpendicular pieces will be the sides of the box . After 15 minutes we attach the two perpendicular pieces to form the side faces of the box . After attaching it should look like the one shown above

After allowing the box to dry we attach the bottom piece and allow it to dry . The only thing left is the top . A latch is screwed to the top piece . We attach a hinge (to the opposite edge of the latched edge linking one of the sides of the top and one of the side faces of the cube using screw . The box is then painted smoothly on the exterior of the cube

The time taken to complete the task is the sum of the times taken to each task if done sequentially

to attach the latch time taken to paint

No . of cuts made 3

Time to make one cut 5 min

Time to make the sheets 3 x5min 15min

Time required to dry after applying epoxy 15min

No . of attachments 2 perpendiculars attachment of perpendiculars attachment of the bottom 15 15 15 45min (Both the perpendicularly can be simultaneously

Time required to attach the latch and hinge 20min The surface area of a cube is sum of areas of all the sides . A cube has 6 sides . If a cube is unfolded it looks like the following figure

Clearly there are 6 sides


Area of each side length of a side x length of side 3ft x3ft 9sq .ft A gallon of paint covers 150 sq . ft . and costs 18 .00 .A quart of paint covers 40 sq . ft . and costs 7 .00 . We need to cover the whole surface are which is 54sq .ft . One quart cannot paint the whole area . We need either two… [banner_entry_footer]


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