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`The Cask of Amontillado` by Edgar Allen Poe

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Montressor kept giving Fortunato a chance to go back because he was coughing so much and he kept warning Fortunato that the catacombs would be extremely damp and cold . But it was Fortunato who kept egging on towards the Amontillado

Third , the day and time of the revenge took place on the day of the Carnival . This is supposed to be a time of festivities and celebration Instead , the whole festival setting was foreshadowed with the dark theme of revenge and forthcoming death of Fortunato . The supposed warm and happy ambience of [banner_entry_middle]

the carnival was replaced with the cold and dark shadows of the catacombs where Fortunato was walking to his death chambers

Fourth , when they were already going down to the vault where the Amontillado is apparently kept , Fortunato mentioned that he is not going to die of the cold to ward off Montressor ‘s suggestion that they go back because Fortunato ‘s cough is worsened by the dampness of the catacombs and the nitre . Fortunato insisted that he is not going to die of a simple cough , to which Montressor replied , True . True . The irony showed it all – Montressor of course knew the fact that Fortunato is going to die of another cause – and not of the cough because of his own plot to give Fortunato a slow and painful death – aware of what is happening

The ultimate irony in the implication of lack of remorse

Although most analysts and critiques of Poe would claim that he writes so darkly and without remorse , the character of Montressor belie that fact . Montressor showed some hint of recoil or hesitation (if only for a moment ) for what he is about to do to Fortunato . This was during the placement of the bricks to cage in the wall . The narration goes… [banner_entry_footer]


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