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The Boarding House

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Code : The Boarding House Page 1 Mr Mrs . Mooney had a normal marriage . Mrs . Mooney , who was a butcher ‘s daughter , opened a butcher ‘s shop near Spring Gardens . When Mr . Mooney ‘s father died , that changed him which become the cause of ruining their business and marriage . Mrs . Mooney went to the Priest and got a separation with care of their children . She could not give him neither money nor food nor house-room . And that he was obliged to enlist himself as a Sheriff ‘s man . And all day long he [banner_entry_middle]

sat in the Bailiff ‘s room , waiting to be put on a job . While Mrs . Mooney , who had taken what remained of her money out of their butcher business and set up a boarding house with it in Hardwicke Street . Her customers are tourists from Liverpool and the Isle of Man , occasionally artistes from the music halls . The clerks from the city rented rooms . She managed her business well . The young men spoke of her as the Madam

Mrs . Mooney ‘s young men paid15 shellings a week for board and lodgings (beer or stout at dinner excluded . They shared in common tastes and occupations and for this reason they were chummy and they discussed with one another . The chances of favourites and outsiders . Jack , the Madam ‘s son , who was a clerk to a commission agent , had the reputation of being a hard case , he was fond of using soldiers ‘ obscenities , usually he came home in the small hours , always had a good one to tell his friends sure to be on to a good-thing that is to say , a likely horse or a likely artiste . He was also handy with the mits and sang comic songs . On Sunday nights there would often be a reunion in Mrs . Mooney ‘s front drawing-room . The music hall artiste would oblige , with waltzes and

Code : The Boarding House Page 2 Polkas . Polly , the daughter , would also sing

I ‘m a naughty girl

You needn ‘t sham

You know I am

Polly was a slim girl of 19 , she had light soft hair and a small full mouth . Her eyes , which were grey with a shade of green through them , had a habit of glancing upstairs when she spoke with anyone , which made her look like a little perverse Madonna . Her mother sent her to be a typist in a Com-Factors office . But as a disputable sheriff ‘s man used to come every other day to the office , asking to be allowed to say a word to Polly . Madam sent her home again and set her to do house work . As Polly was very lively , the intention was to give her the run of the young men And Polly flirted with them . But the mother knew that the young men were only passing the time away . of them meant business . Until something was going on between Polly and the young men . She watched the pair and kept her own counsel . Polly… [banner_entry_footer]


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