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the battle of the sexes

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The Battle of the Sexes

The battle of the sexes has raged on as long as anyone can remember . Each sex , at some point , has either wanted or believed they had the upper hand over the other . It can be in the form of a power struggle or manipulation that one sex proves itself dominant over the other . Many times they find that they are evenly matched

The power balance in today ‘s society is fairly balanced . We have men who show deep feeling and [banner_entry_middle]

women who are aggressive and harsh . We also have the opposite in both sexes . Science is still working to discover how much our DNA affects our sex in terms of aggressiveness affections and other factors in relationships . Science has yet to prove that there is a battle of the sexes at genetic level . Therefore much of it is dictated by society and its expectations of a particular sex These expectations change through time and there are always exceptions to the rules . There was a time when women were dominant in certain areas , such as the household and men were relegated to dominate out of doors . There are other times where males are completely dominant and the female submissive . The roles change back and forth through time , each time getting a little more evenly balanced between the sexes

For the most part , today ‘s society see men and women as equals There are still issues to be addressed but for the most part we are equal in almost everything

The movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days , is set in present time and shows both sexes as equally driven to succeed . Andi , the main female , is a modern woman who believes most relationships fail because men just don ‘t understand the female mind . She believes that men allow themselves be driven off due to certain things women tend to do in relationships . She also believes that men don ‘t want to put forth the effort that a true relationship takes to succeed . She

sets out to prove this by betting her boss she can lose a guy in 10 days ‘ by doing everything that is usually the death of a relationship She picks out a man named Ben and sets to work . Andi is a modern woman who believes that she is an equal in every way to the male in a relationship and even superior at times . She does everything she can to prove her point . She tries things such as clinging , mentioning marriage calling his mother and many others

Ben , the main male , believes that women want to fall in love and make that the goal of a relationship when they meet a man . He believes that by telling a woman what she wants to hear and overlooking her quirks ‘ men can make any woman fall in love with them . He too makes a bet with his co workers that he can get a woman… [banner_entry_footer]


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