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the american revolution

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The American Revolution

The American Revolution is the most important turning point in the history of our country . The events associated with Revolution gave birth to a new nation , integrated a diverse collection of peoples living in different colonies with a common purpose , and offered a great hope for all the oppressed people of the World

The American Revolution directly inspired the French Revolution , and from then on the revolutionary spirit caught on . But before the American Revolution , that is , before 1775 , the very idea of subjects of a king rebelling [banner_entry_middle]

against the power of the monarchy and taking the control of government in their own hands was a bit far fetched . It was difficult for people to imagine it happening . Yet the spirit of a new breed of people who were uniquely American , though they may have hailed from various parts of Europe generations ago , could not be easily put down

The British government was determined to exploit the colonies to generate revenue by imposing heavy taxes and for various other purposes in its own self-interest . Most people in the colonies could tolerate it no longer , though some chose to remain loyal to the British government Such oppressive conditions were ripe for a rebellion – for a fierce struggle for independence – though the people at that time were not very familiar with the ways of rebellion and revolution . The thirteen American colonies , representing a population of two and a half million people , were distinct and separate from each other , and were in fact more closely related with London than they are to each other (Plumb Lancaster 2001 . The Revolutionary leaders did not have any organized government , any treasury , or any collection of weapons , yet these men embarked upon a revolution against all odds . The tale of American War of Independence is a tribute to their courage , their vision of future their dedication to the cause of freedom and their determination to succeed at any cost

The American Revolution , also known as the American War of Independence took place between April 19 , 1775 and September 3 , 1783 , beginning with the battle of Lexington and ending with the Treaty of Paris . However the Revolution had been brewing for a long time before that . This was the struggle in which the thirteen colonies of the British North America won independence from Great Britain . These thirteen original states were New Hampshire , Massachusetts , Rhode Island , Connecticut , New York , New Jersey , Pennsylvania , Delaware , Maryland , Virginia , North Carolina South Carolina , and Georgia . These colonies banded together and emerged as a new country , a new nation – the United States of America – after the Declaration of Independence in 1776 (Americanrevolution .com 2005

Though the Revolution officially commenced in 1775 , it had been brewing for a long time before that . John Adams , one of the Revolution ‘s leaders who was later to be the second President of the United states , observed in this regard that “The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people , and this was effected… [banner_entry_footer]


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