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The aftermath of World-War-II

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The Aftermath of the Second World War

World War-II was a truly global war -it was more devastating than any previous wars and it engulfed the whole world . Though European in origin , it spread to Asia and Africa . The theatre of war was as varied as jungles of Asia , the cold plains of Russia and the deserts of Africa As a result the impact of the War was felt world wide , deeply affecting the economic and political spheres of countries and regions far and wide

The war began in 1939 with [banner_entry_middle]

Hitler ‘s invasion of Poland . The war then developed into two wars- one mainly in Europe and the other mainly in Eastern Asia . After the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in Dec 1941 the two wars were welded into one big enormous world war . No previous event in peace or war , had mirrored so much the shrinking of the world (Blainey G , 2000 , p556 ) Aircraft and radio jumped across continents The Pacific Ocean was easily crossed as the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times . Thankfullly by the last months of 1944 , after more than 5 years of war , the end of war was sighted

The last embers of the war were doused with the liberation of Paris on August 1944 , the entry of the Russians to Berlin the next year and the suicide of Hitler , the evil force behind the Axis powers . The war was brought to a final halt by the devastating atomic bombardment of Japan at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans in 1945 and Japan ‘s subsequent capitulation on August 14 .The victory of the Allies led to a number of new developments in the world , some of which are as follows-

There was no all-inclusive peace settlement : A comprehensive peace settlement similar to that of the Treaty of Versailles after the First world War was not reached after this War . This was mainly because the suspicion and distrust which had emerged between Russia and the West in the in the final months of the war . Instead , a number of independent and separate treaties were made . Italy lost her African colonies and renounced her claims to Albania and Abyssinia (Ethiopia .Russia took the eastern tip of Czechoslovakia , the Petsamo district and the area around Lake Ladoga from Finland and held on to Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania and Eastern Poland which had been occupied in 1939 . Russia also took Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina from Romania who recovered Northern Transylvania which the Hungarians had occupied during the War . Trieste which was claimed both by Italy and Yugoslavia was declared free territory protected by the United Nations . Later at San Francisco , Japan agreed to surrender all territory acquired during the last 90 years which included a complete withdrawal from China . The Russians refused to agree to any settlement over Germany and Austria beyond that they should be occupied by Allied troops and that East Prussia should be divided between Russia and Poland Emergence of U .S .A and U .S… [banner_entry_footer]


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