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The Affects of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Professional Athletes

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The Affects of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Professional Athletes


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Playing at sport involves development of their skills and aptitude with all the possible modes at their end . In the current years , public debates have been strangled over the issues of illegal drug use on the one hand and ethical and practical issues relating to developments in biotechnology . To somewhat the controversies with regard to race sex and gender have been overcome , however the debate over the performance drugs remain unresolved (Morgan Meier [banner_entry_middle]

, Klaus V Angela Schneider , 2001 Allowing performance enhancing drugs in professional athletic competitions will not enhance the game or level the playing field Performance enhancing drugs will produce many dangerous affects such as the degeneration of the athlete ‘s body , a decrease in sportsmanship , and the promotion of legalizing dangerous amphetimines and narcotics in our society

The young athletes agree to the tendency of competitive impetus to win and win at all costs . Along with the fame and gratification of personal advantages , winning a competitive sport is seen in terms of pursuit of greater dreams like a medal for their country , a college scholarship or a place on a professional team , etc . Such a covetous desire of winning at all costs often includes administering of the performance enhancing drugs . The performance-enhancing drugs appear to entail the physical strength for some moment . However , the long term impact of such drugs is proved to be enormous and even the short term benefits are outweighed by many drawbacks . It is apparent to decide that the benefits do not value the risks . The permission of performance enhancing drugs in professional athletic competitions however , will not enhance the game or level the playing environment . The administering of performance enhancing drugs will generate many adverse impacts such as the degeneration of the body of the athlete , a decrease in the sportsmanship , and involve promotion of legitimizing the catastrophic amphetamines and narcotics in our society (MayoClinic , 2004

Several substances , chemical agents or procedures have been structured to entail an advantage in athletic performance . The performance enhancing drugs have a tremendous impact on the body in many directions like , muscle building , enhancing the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood Irrespective of these apparent advantages , the use of such drugs is considered both unethical and medically catastrophic . Most of the performance-enhancing drugs are banned by organizations that administer major amateur and professional sports . The steroids have been attracted a lot of attention and controversy during the last decades . The illegal use of steroids continued to be prominent among athletes seeking to acquire strength and bulk up their bodies . Performance enhancing steroids function primarily by stimulating certain proteins associated in the building of muscle tissue . Steroids also try to dissuade the action of other bodily chemicals that indicate signal muscle fatigue enabling athletes to perform longer and more intensely (MSN Encarta 2006

The impact of steroid on health is visualized differently in males and females . The resulting hormonal imbalances in males sometimes… [banner_entry_footer]


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