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Thatcher`s European policy

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Thatcher ‘s European Policy


Thatcher ‘s European Policy

I . The Characteristics of Thatcher ‘s Policies

I .1 . Margaret Thatcher ‘s journey

Margaret Hilda Thatcher or also known as the Baroness Thatcher was one of the world ‘s most respected leaders . She was the prime Minister of the United Kingdom for almost 12 years from May 4 , 1979 to November 28 1990 . Her political career however , started well before 1950 ‘s . She is the only woman who has ever served as Prime Minister and she is also the longest serving [banner_entry_middle]

British Prime Minister since the early 19th century (Benyon , 1989

The woman actually studied chemistry in Somerville College , Oxford in 1944 . She worked in chemical companies for several years and she even helped developing methods to preserve ice cream . She as a chemistry student and her teammates have also created the first soft frozen ice cream . However , in 1946 , the woman became the president of Oxford University Conservative Association (Benyon , 1989

After graduated , the woman discovered her calling in politics . In the 1950-1960 elections , Margaret Thatcher was recorded running as candidate of the conservative party . The woman was active in conservative party when she got married and she continued to pursue her career in politics In the years of her time in office , Margaret Thatcher was known as the `iron lady ‘ because of the conviction in making decision , her independence when generating new political ideas and her resolve in obtaining her goals . She was characterized as a type of leader who believes in her own judgment so strongly . In short , psychologically speaking she always believed that she knew what ‘s best fore everybody in Britain (Evans , 1997

In the years of her time in office , Margaret Thatcher made tremendous changes in almost everything she touches . Some will even say that the face of Britain would never be the same without Margaret Thatcher shaping it . Margaret Thatcher was considered as a conviction politician in the sense that she was always determined to have her way in everything . The first month after her election , some would even fear whether they have chosen a Prime Minister of a new dictator . She does not believe in being patient toward internal arguments in her cabinet or people questioning her every decision . She reshuffles the cabinet often under the protest of many people within the Britain government circle (Evans , 1997

I .2 . Margaret Thatcher ‘s Contribution

One of Thatcher ‘s most famous contribution is the privatization of Britain . Thatcher is always known for her conservatism style Nevertheless , some of her thoughts could be well off the conservatism path . This is described by her decision in supporting privatization and her position , which is completely against regulated business in Britain Some of the years of Thatcher ‘s was known as the privatization year where large and famous government corporations are turned into private hands . It started with privatization of the least vital industries like automotive , etc and continued with the vital ones like water companies gas and electricity… [banner_entry_footer]


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