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Thanksgiving Tradition

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Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving didn ‘t start out as the feast with turkey , ham stuffing , mashed potatoes , cranberry sauce , and pumpkin pie that most of us think of today . Instead , the Pilgrims who celebrated “the first Thanksgiving ” had a very different type of festival . This essay will explore the pilgrims ‘ and Indians ‘ circumstances , their food , the festival itself , and how Thanksgiving became a legal American holiday

First , only 102 pilgrims traveled to what are now the United States , and they did not come from England . They were indeed English but they traveled [banner_entry_middle]

from the Netherlands , where they weren ‘t persecuted as badly as they had been in their homeland of England . However , they thought the Dutch way of life wasn ‘t Godly . As a result , they wished to migrate to America . The Pilgrims were members of a Puritan sect called the English Separatist Church . There were 91 other people on the Mayflower in 1620 , but they were all employees of a London stock company . They traveled to the colonies to protect the company ‘s interests , because that company had financed the Pilgrims ‘ trip to America . In fact , only about one third of the travelers were Separatists , although they were all English

The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts on December 11 , 1620 , and their first Winter was a horrible one . By Autumn , 1621 only 56 Pilgrims remained the other 46 had died during the Winter . The remaining Pilgrims were grateful they ‘d made it through the Winter and thankful for the native ‘s help . It ‘s believed they would not have made it without the Indians . Therefore , they invited 91 Indians to have a celebration with them . It lasted for three days and was similar to an English harvest festival , rather than today ‘s traditional American Thanksgiving

The food at that first harvest celebration in 1621 was very different from what we eat

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nowadays . For example , we think of wild turkey as a Thanksgiving staple , but it ‘s unlikely the Pilgrims actually ate it . It ‘s more probable that they had ducks and geese turkey was a word they used for any wild foul . The Pilgrims also had venison , fried corn bread , and boiled pumpkin . As for pumpkin pie , there most likely was . The Pilgrims ‘ flour supply had dwindled by then , and they had no other way to make pastries . In addition , they didn ‘t have potatoes , cider , milk or butter . It ‘s interesting to note that the potato was still a new discovery , and many Europeans thought it was poisonous . Also , there were no domestic cattle at the time , which meant there were also no dairy products . The Pilgrims ‘ feast , however , did include venison , fish clams , lobster , corn bread , dried fruit , boiled pumpkin , plums , berries and watercress

The horn of plenty or cornucopia is one of the most well-known symbols of Thanksgiving . The original was a curved goat ‘s horn that was filled with grain and fruit until it overflowed . It , however , wasn ‘t… [banner_entry_footer]


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