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Testable Hypothesis

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According to Stanbrough (2006 ) the first thing necessary for Rafael to accomplish is to convert his hypothesis into one that is testable and falsifiable . The following is an example

HYPOTHESIS : Children who demonstrate a high level of skill with regard to playing baseball are more likely to say yes ‘ to invitations to play baseball than those who demonstrate a low level of skill

NULL HYPOTHESIS 1 : Children who demonstrate a low level of skill at playing baseball routinely say yes to invitations to play baseball

NULL HYPOTHESIS 2 : Children who demonstrate a [banner_entry_middle]

high level of skill at playing baseball routinely say no to invitations to play baseball

In to categorize children as possessing a high or low level of skill at playing baseball , these students should be taken through a physical test that contains measures of the skills needed for playing the game . The skills involved include catching , running , throwing batting , and pitching . Other skills might include strategizing and even the ability to shout across a field . In addition to these physical abilities , there is the necessity to establish that these abilities have an effect on children ‘s willingness to play . Self efficacy tests , such as the Skills Confidence Inventory (Harmon et al . 1996 , would serve as a measure that enhances the significance of the information gained . By correlating children ‘s actual performance on each task with their responses on self efficacy measures , insight might be gained into the question of how students ‘ performance at the different components of baseball impacts their confidence in playing the game as a whole

Operationalization of pretty good at baseball

Self efficacy measure

As a means of seeking answers to these questions , a self efficacy measure and a performance battery must be developed . The first might exist as a series of questions to which responses are provided in the form of a six-point (modified ) Likert scale (Smith , 2002 . The questions may take the form of inquiries into how children feel about a particular aspect of the sport , and responses might range from very confident to unsure . Because this measure will be done on children , the range of responses might be modified and replaced with awesome ‘ pretty good ‘ okay ‘ not so good ‘ pretty bad ‘ and horrible

Skills battery

It will also be necessary to test the children ‘s actual performance on baseball-related tasks , and this further necessitates the creation of a battery . Children can be tested on their ability to throw for long distances as well as their ability to throw to a target . They might each be given a baseball and asked to throw it to a designated catcher . Each child may be given a chance to make three throws . The distance the ball travels would be measured and the mean average taken and recorded . Once thrown , the horizontal distance of the ball from the catcher would also be recorded and the angle of deviation deduced (via trigonometric methods . These too will be recorded and averaged for each child . The speed at which… [banner_entry_footer]


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