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– Tell me 3 things happened while you are sleeping?

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Three things that happened as I slept


Three things that happened as I slept : It all happened while we were sleeping , or rather while we were focused on 9 /11 , the dot-com bust and Enron ‘ says Friedman . The suggestion that the United States is , as a collective , lying unaware of the forward progress happening across the globe as we focus on seemingly isolated domestic issues and fractious , narrowly-viewed wars , is personally frightening

First , the UK supermarket giant Tesco opened it ‘s own brand-name store in Beijing , China . Tesco already had [banner_entry_middle]

purchase into the market via a Chinese company , Le Gou , but now the chain will utilize its own name as it competes with US-based Wal-Mart . Consultant , Hana Ben-Shabat , said in an interview “They [Chinese consumers] won ‘t think of Tesco as British – but as another Western chain (BBC . Though Wal-Mart seems like the ultimate model of Western (that is , American ) consumerism and fast retail , Tesco is easily gaining in a hot market and has the ability to assume some of the iconic credibility of Westernism

Second , premier communications provider , Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT ) has hosted the largest networking conference in South Asia from January 23-24 , with over 200 local participants and 60 foreign participants The focus is on integrated systems , customer service , new products , and initiating dialogue between data operators from countries like Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Bhutan , India , Maldives , Nepal , Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Third , the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE ) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Thursday , January 25 , with South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE ) and its member countries to launch a joint South Asian Index in future . The index has been generated using Dow Jones indexes This will be a tool for future cooperative international investor action

All of these events took place in the last three days , just as the State of the Union address was delivered . As the United States was mounting a internal examination , the rest of the world was finding ways to connected via technology and business , forming new alliances , new avenues of commerce , and more cooperative technological innovation Works Cited

BBC News . Tesco opens own-brand China store ‘ 26 Jan . 2007 HYPERLINK “http /news .bbc .co .uk /go /pr /fr /- /2 /hi /business /6300993 .stm http /news .bbc .co .uk /go /pr /fr /- /2 /hi /business /6300993 .stm

Friedman , Thomas L “It ‘s a Flat World , After All ” New York Times Magazine 3 April 2005 : 33-37

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