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Teenagers and Corporations

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Teenagers and Corporations

During the past few decades the level of life of the average American citizen has increased greatly . Nowadays Americans have more clothes , shoes , cosmetics , electronics and labor-saving gadgets than any other nation worldwide . The number of time the U .S dweller spend on their workplaces has been increasing gradually during the past century and thereafter their incomes are also becoming better . Nowadays Americans spend much more than they did before , they purchase millions of things – clothes , make-up , gadgetry etc

Comparing to the past , the amount of money children [banner_entry_middle]

and teenagers spend has also increased considerably . Creating products for teens and tweens becomes more profitable with each passing decade , as this market is rapidly expanding . It is explained by the fact that huge corporations have learned at last that introducing long-term policy of developing brand loyalty is a wise decision for the company who is targeted in the future . Nowadays the corporations do their best to raise the generation of people , who are brand loyal , who are used to buying goods produced by the defined company

To develop brand loyalty among the new generation , companies use different methods . They sponsor the sports competitions , popular among young people , sponsor different youth programs etc . One of the most prominent examples of actions towards developing brand loyalty are placement of the soft drinks machines by Pepsi and Coca-Cola in schools and universities . Those usually are some additional money or services the universities and schools get from the corporations in case they let the representatives of the company to dispose their advertisements on the school or university territory . The agreement can also include the requirement to sell only the products of the specific company o the territory of the school or university

Alissa Quart in her book Branded : The Buying and Selling of Teenagers researched this phenomenon thoroughly and found that those agreements are just the part of the global program for the development of the brand loyalty . It usually begins when children go to the kindergarten , continues at schools and in the universities . The main purpose of the program is to make the chosen brand “native ” to the person , to create the persuasion that , for example , the closest synonym for the word “car ” is a word “Volvo , for the word “fun ” it is “Disneyland , and “soft drink ” is the alternative naming of the “Coca-Cola

Advertising is one more way to make young people buy things . It ‘s an axiom , that all the people dwelling on our planet want to be loved and respected . This desire is especially vivid in the kids and teenagers There is often not enough love for them in their surroundings , as today the social expectations are very high . Their parents require decent marks and behavior in return for affection , while friends want them to be cool . As those demands often contradict each other , the conflict appears . The young person either has to choose between the parental love and friends ‘ affection , or he or she is constrained to… [banner_entry_footer]


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