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SUBJECT : Development of an Adequate Waste Management System

In has been an obvious fact that the waste management programs in the present apartment facilities are inefficient and disappointingly inadequate to address the current waste production of our resident community . Thus , this concerned individual is presenting to you this memorandum proposing the development and establishment of a more systematic and adequate waste management program to address the increasing sanitation problem in [banner_entry_middle]

the present apartment facilities

This issue is rendered to be appropriately important because of the fact that its implementation is currently due basing from the present condition . Also , this issue has its own numerous benefits that are mainly focused on the health and sanitation aspects of the residents of the current apartment facilities and the community within its vicinity In addition , facts and concepts gathered through the research on this issue is also highly valuable and applicable to other local community aside from the earlier stated target since the said issue of sanitation and waste management are a general concern in the society

Thus , giving significant attention for the research and development of a more suitable and generally applicable waste management system is indeed significant and very much valuable not only for the targeted subjects but also to the general public with the same concern and problem . Again this writer must emphasize to the public that the concern for waste management is very much important

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