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Team Dynamics on Team Communication

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Team Dynamics on Team Communication

Thesis Statement

Are performance complexities , stress , and hazardous tasks inherent components of today ‘s team communications matrix ? Within vastly different environments , must managers acquire and develop special sensitivity and trust skill sets and are these assets necessary for the good ‘ of the group in relation to communication ? On a larger scale as international firms increasingly depend of team communication (large and small ) to conduct day-to-day operation , it is critical that academia address the short and long term needs of the business world Institutions , thereby undertaking [banner_entry_middle]

the task , should recognize the critical mission to prepare participation and management of the communication of intercultural teams


Team communication has been widely researched and several codified behaviors have been associated with the communication skills and results . Utilization includes ing /telling , informing , asking repeating , inferring , and evaluating . Each of these components is critically linked to an effective team functioning in academia business , sports , etc . The manner in which team members understand their responsibilities in communicating with each other defines their shared task or methodology for communication and interaction

Research analysis supports the group or organization that performs more proficiently and effectively when clear concise communication is well coordinated and organized . The reduction of extraneous noise ‘ or cross or conflicting communication increases the effectiveness of statements of questions and answers , comprehension , feedback , and confirmation . Effective team communication allows each team member to participate in the sharing of information models for the most efficient effective manner in which to communicate . This model for communication facilitates overall Supportive and argumentive Details

Teams are often called on to perform complex , stressful , and hazardous tasks in the public and private sectors . In fact , many team tasks have in common the characteristic of being dynamic — requiring team members to harness resources and adapt quickly to changing conditions . For these reasons , the study of team performance presents challenges that are unparalleled when considering individuals working alone (Brannick et al , 1997

. 46

Small groups and teams are the cornerstones of organized behavior . The micro-team communication groups operate at all levels of an organization . The results derived from the group play a major role in informal and formal activities . Seventy-eight percent of all U .S companies of 100 or more employees has employees working in teams ‘Teams are a favorite way to organize employees , to get work done , and to facilitate workplace learning ” Increasingly , organizations are using groups to fuel improvements , develop new ideas , and motivate employees (Harris , 2002 ,

. 32

Depending on their purpose and structure , some types of teams require team leaders (Burke et al , 2004 ,

. 141 ) As coaches or team leaders supervisors and managers can positively affect team morale , provide and encourage social support , and encourage positive inter-team communication and cooperation is beneficial as well as challenging


Recently accepted virtual team communications across countries companies and cultures presents managers with special challenges . To communicate effectively across different environments , managers need to develop intercultural sensitivity , trust , and good relationships Mutual trust plays… [banner_entry_footer]


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