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Team Communication and Challenges

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1 The quality of an organization is directly linked to the quality of conversations of the people in that organization (B . Wilson ) Of the elements of a team often mentioned in different discussions- skills knowledge and talents of the human elements , facilities and monetary resources , I found team communication as the second most important , next to human element . This is because no matter how enough resources a team has , good plans ad objectives , and having the best players in the team if there is no sound communication [banner_entry_middle]

, all the team ‘s effort will all be in vain In this , the researcher to examine the importance of team communication to all members of the team and how each member can contribute in achieving effective team communication . The elements to effective team member communication were also identified and how these elements can beat down the different team communication challenges . The researcher aims to establish the inevitable role of effective team communication in achieving the team ‘s goals and objectives



Communication is not just a management tool , it is an inevitable , vital element of an organization that can make or break the team . It is the element that defines the success and failure of an organization . This is simply because communication is basic in all management functions

In planning , team members have to make use of information , concepts and ideas to come up with plans . They share and acquire ideas , combine them and identify which are to be considered and which are to be eliminated This cannot be made possible only with communication . Organizing is not even made possible in the absence of effective team communication Management cannot make its team members come together without communicating the goals and objectives of the team or without defining their authority and the delegation of responsibilities . Without team communication , building of strong working relationship among team members is hardly possible

Motivation directly influences a team member ‘s performance . A survey on 2General Electric Company and Cypress Semiconductor Corp . revealed that 88 of its engineers believed that lack of communication and cooperation leads to lower productivity ‘ In to motivate team members , the lines of communication should always be open . Communicated performance appraisals and evaluated productivity rates gives the management an idea or point of reference in making their decisions


Employees , as members of a team , are not machines or robots that are required to do what they are asked to do , and just stay in place in the absence of instructions . Like the managers , employees have their sound ideas and knowledge that can be used by the management , and must be encouraged to be shared . Lines of communication to and from the management , to the least member of the team should always be open

Team communication must aim to let each member feel that they belong and that they are individually… [banner_entry_footer]


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