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Teaching Counting Skills

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p Teaching Counting Skills

Teaching to count a first grade student is a little bit difficult challenge . Strategy must be made to teach and to learn well a student There are some ways to learn , and the best example is playing . Current research proves that playing is a way of learning . When children play they learn physical , emotional , and social skills . Another way is to use an illustrations , drawings , or props while teaching . Also music can be great for learning

Teachers must also be creative enough to find opportunities in for [banner_entry_middle]

the children to learn how to count and more about numbers . Commonly a 3-year old can count up to 12 and a 4-year old can count up to 40 There are at least three counting principles in teaching children how to count . The first one is One-to-one correspondence , where in teaching to count , an object should be labeled with a unique number , example if counting two cars , a red car is labeled 1 ‘ and the green car is labeled 2 . Second principle is the Stable principle , where in the sequence of numbers is always the same to label objects each time they are counted . And the third is the Cardinality principle , where in the number that is last to be said is the number of objects that have been counted

With these counting principles , it is a great help for teachers in teaching to count a first grade student from 1 to 15 . Children can easily learn and master to count up to 15 with these principles although they have a difficult time understanding the meaning of larger numbers

By providing concrete demonstrations about number sizes , you can help to easily understand and to learn to count larger numbers by children

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