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Taking Personal Inventory of Self”

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My Strengths

The only reason why I can say so much about myself is I take in a lot of feedback from people who know me . Although I know that I should be a person with full self-awareness , I take into account how other people see me so I could improve in areas where I could improve (and when I think it is fair and appropriate ) and subsequently lead a better life It is one good sign of openness to the opportunities that the world can offer – the ability to take [banner_entry_middle]

criticism , move on and know that there is nothing personal about seeking improvement in what you are doing

My friends , classmates and loved ones have always told me that I have the knack for speaking my own thoughts . I am straightforward and I like expressing my thoughts in a direct manner . I think it is a plus , because people do not really want to waste time guessing what you mean . I live to describe things as I see them , and tell things as they are

I have a great sense of humor . I find it easy to make friends laugh during casual conversations . Sense of humor is a great element in interpersonal communication , specifically in the field of marketing and campaigns . Sense of humor is also good for career-driven people who need to talk to countless people to build an excellent business network

I am also a fast , responsive learner . I am smart when it comes to numbers — it is good for business , I know

I studied in reputable schools , and that gives me an edge over people who did not get to study at all . Although my education is not a reason for bragging , it is a reason to be grateful that I know a lot of things that life outside school will not be able to teach me

I have had several part-time and summer jobs , which honed my alertness level of customer service understanding , and entrepreneurial side . I am fully aware that every job I ‘ve done in the past is a lot of the reason why I am the confident person that I am today it will also form part of who I ‘m going to be tomorrow , or five years down the line

To sum it up , the major details of my past — in school and in my career , ultimately , in life in general — have helped me become this strong and competent person that I am today

My Weaknesses

Like most human beings , I have my own set of weaknesses . I am not tolerant of hunger . When I ‘m hungry , I eat . I eat peanuts or crackers , I just have to shove some edible and nutritious food down my throat and I ‘ll be fine . But when I ‘m hungry , really very hungry , I lose concentration , and experience terrible mood swings . This is the reason why I always have chocolate and crackers in my pocket

One of weaknesses , too is… [banner_entry_footer]


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