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Taking Elementary to the Stars

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Taking Elementary to the Stars Introduction

When it comes to scientific subjects , such as chemistry , physics and mathematics , the unfortunate general opinion is that it is much too complicated to learn . This common prejudice follows the students as they grow older and follows them in their choices of subjects even to an adult age . In many ways it is a pity , for most sciences can be made easily accessible to children of all ages , and if presented properly can be very and interesting . There is no apparent reason to exclude even the [banner_entry_middle]

youngest children from such education . The purpose of this essay is to investigate how to make astronomy easier to understand and less intimidating . Our primary goal is to make astronomy accessible to elementary students , and to give guidelines on how to adjust the education to suit different age groups within this perspective

Course composition in astronomy

Astronomy has many advantages when it comes to motivating students . The knowledgeis often visible and can be shown in pictures , but above all it is an easy pathway to the field of research . Edna DeVore at SETI institute writes , I believe that bringing the research experience into the school classroom can make a difference , her general idea being that the joy of research is non dependent on age . There is no reason to underestimate the deep affect that these stellar bodies have had on humans through time , and this fascination is already present in the students . By repeating the planets or stars from different viewpoints such as mythology , history and politics the students will have more references to every one stellar body , and will have a better remembrance of them


The sun

When discussing the sun with 0-1 grade students it might be a good idea to show them a picture of the solar system , show them how all the planets revolve around the sun . Also , to give them a little history talk about the many cultures in the world that saw the sun as a god There are many good stories (e .g . Indian or Greek ) if the teacher wishes to elaborate on the sun

For the 2-3 grade students it is time to introduce the concept of gravity . Explain that the reason for all the planets to circle the sun is its mass . It could also be a good idea to introduce the idea of the photon , even if this is a very complicated concept at its depth . By imaging them like a little package (present ) of light the students come a long way to understanding light . It is a good idea to talk about rainbows and show them white light through a prism first . Let the children look through the glass pair of gitter glasses at normal lamps and in the outdoors . To make it more interesting , have a few lamps with different gases , let the children look at them and explain that you can learn about stars in the exact same way , by seeing what color the… [banner_entry_footer]


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