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Swimming strokes

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Swimming Strokes


Kinds of swimming strokes

Limited Subject

How to become a better swimmer

List of Ideas

Benefits of swimming

How to become a faster swimmer

Learning from a professional swimmer


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Statement of Purpose

Swimming is a good exercise , and we can learn to become better at it by working on our swimming strokes . After all , professional swimmers have used techniques to become experts


There are several kinds of swimming strokes described by the experts and practiced [banner_entry_middle]

by countless people throughout the world . Then there are ways to increase our swimming speed before we can even dream about participating in the Olympics ! We should learn more about better swimming strokes from experts if we do plan to take our sport seriously

First Draft

A swimming stroke is the first thing to learn about swimming . It is best to learn a swimming stroke in the swimming pool itself . However , a new swimmer would do well to learn the basics about the swimming stroke before he actually starts to practice it

A swimming stroke is a method of moving the arms and legs to push against the water and propel the swimmer forward . Swimming strokes should create the least possible water


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resistance . When swimming , there should be a minimum of splashing so that forward motion is smooth and not jerky (MamasHealth .com

As we have discovered , swimming strokes have a technique . There are eight different kinds of swimming strokes . All of these strokes use different techniques

The Butterfly stroke is the most difficult and tiring stroke . In this , the body is in a prone position . This stroke involves the dolphin kick with a windmill-like movement of both arms in concert . The swimmer must not swim underwater when swimming competitively using this stroke The only time a swimmer can swim underwater is the first stroke after the start and each turn

Perhaps the most popular swimming stroke is the Freestyle stroke This stroke is eclectic . In other words , any swimming stroke may pass as the Freestyle stroke . Swimmers who swim competitively must only do 15 meters underwater from the start or from each turn when using this stroke

Another popular stroke is the Breast stroke . In this stroke as well , the body is in a prone position . This stroke involves frog kicking alternating with a simultaneious movement of the arms from a point in front of the head to shoulder level ‘ Competitive swimmers should remember that their heads must be kept above the surface of the water at all times in this stroke

The remaining swimming strokes are Crawl stroke , Sidestroke Trudgen , and dog paddle . Of course , the Backstroke is for floaters This involves alternate over-the-head arm strokes and a flutter kick in a supine position ‘ Those who swim competitively should swim a distance of only 15 meters underwater from the start or from each turn using the Backstroke


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Mat Luebbers reminds us of the first thing to… [banner_entry_footer]


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