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summative essay (final essay)

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Everything started out of nothing . A mustard seed cannot be appreciated until it sprout it leaves and grow tall . I was once like a seed and the knowledge serves as the nutrients that support my growth . Day by day new knowledge is injected in my mind thru experiences and education that I take . Before , everything was a question and even the questions I raised were limited and shallow . As I slowly took the road and have my pace questions popped-up and through everyday learning , they were answered Almost everything falls to wrong assumptions [banner_entry_middle]

and speculations . But with the help of those who took ahead of steps , learning was never as difficult as counting the sands in the seashore . Knowledge and ideas remain a lesson unless the one who knows put it into application Everything that we learned , everything that I learned and will be learned will be best evaluated when it is applied in the real world Even a single lesson has its significant purpose . It molds us to be a person . Before I took this course I felt excited but nervous . I was excited that a new knowledge is waiting for me to learn in someway I was afraid that the knowledge will just pass without me learning from it When I look at the syllabus , everything is new to me . Some s were just known that time . Before , I look at chemistry as a subject only dealing with chemicals and will only be useful for industry and the like . It came to my amazement when I know that chemistry is also useful in solving crimes . In determining a finger print a silver nitrate is used . I used to look at this chemical as useful only in removing warts and tattoos . With this new idea , my mind and heart bind . In other words the pushes me or inspires me to study more on chemistry

Electrochemistry also helped me in the addition of knowledge . When I look at a car battery , it looks like a huge division of cells with a liquid in between . I wonder before how those stored energy are transmitted into another form of energy . One amazing part of it is the reaction of chemicals to form such energy . I was also amazed one time when I separate the hydrogen and oxygen from water . I conducted some study about it and learned that because of electrolysis and other reactions , the hydrogen atom binds with another hydrogen atom to form a hydrogen gas . Hydrogen is flammable . It is used in air balloons or airships . Wit the day to day activities , chemistry molds a particular area of my personality . Due to it I ‘m no longer ignorant to some basic and common real life activities

Theories are important in learning . It is the foundation of knowledge Sometimes a particular area or field of study is best learned or learned faster when put into application such as laboratory activities . In this kind of learning , theories are not only learned… [banner_entry_footer]


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