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Summary of the first part of The Black Mass: The Irish Mob and the FBI

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Schedule plan : The schedule for 8 weeks is detailed in APPENDIX I . The schedule has been divided into specific phases . All phases are time bound and their progress will be measured with a Gantt chart

Cost plan : The cost plan has a mix of operational strategy allocation implementation cost and promotion cost . A provision for miscellaneous cost has also been built in

The cost plan can be allocated as per the following

Resource plan : Resources will be allocated for the steering committee working group , sub-contractor team , and the project manager responsibilities [banner_entry_middle]

. The first and second week will see resource planning discussions leading to a finite number of resources allocated . However the third week might result in some basic iteration in the number of resources planned , as the project progresses and a certain amount of uncertainty being accounted for will start to materialize

Quality plan : Quality can be adhered to by adopting the following measures

Well documented project plan

Gantt charts and other project effectiveness tools

Handoff guidelines and service level agreements to be drawn

Milestones assigned to measure progress at regular intervals


Roles , responsibilities , and accountability

The various roles played out and accountability would be as under

Steering committee would be the decision making body . The accountability of project objective , goal setting and providing inputs to measure impact would be the steering committees responsibility . They will be accountable for providing time for guiding the operational excellence team when needed and utilizing communication channel with project manager

Working group and contract group would come together to form the operational excellence team . They will be responsible for implementation of steering committee suggestions and for driving the initiatives suggested by the operational excellence team . They will also be held accountable for any delays and lapses in the project execution

The… [banner_entry_footer]


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