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In A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun ‘ Linda M Hasselstrom speaks about how different events in her life have forced her to carry a handgun to protect herself . Hasselstrom ‘s essay shows her humor , as well as her determination . The overall message is that guns shift the balance of power from the strong to the weak

After finding herself in dangerous situations , Hasselstrom decides that carrying a firearm might be a good idea . Hasselstrom believes that guns serve as a strong deterrent to criminals . She used to carry her handgun [banner_entry_middle]

br in her purse when she traveled alone . This was a great help to her when she was on a car trip in a desolate part of Wyoming . A man played cat-and-mouse with her car for 30 miles , trying to run her off the road At one point , when he pulled his car within two inches of hers , she flashed her pistol at him . He sped away and disappeared . She never saw him again

Hasselstrom says ‘any female over the age of twelve can expect to be criminally assaulted some time in her life , that women aged thirty have a fifty-fifty chance of being raped , robbed , or attacked , and that many police officials say flatly that they cannot protect citizens from crime ‘ This shocking statistic is possibly enough to make anyone consider packing a concealed weapon , male and female alike

Interestingly , in a later interview , Hasselstrom mentioned that she no longer carries a handgun because of the stricter laws preventing a licensed user in one state from crossing state lines without having a license in that state . In the interview , titled A Talk with Linda Hasselstrom (www .spitfire .net /isman /other /Hasselstrom .html , Linda states , If laws keep people from owning guns , soon only the bad people will have them ‘ Wondering aloud , she then asked , Where will that leave the normal , decent American… [banner_entry_footer]


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