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Contrary to what other people say about online tutoring , I learned that such method of teaching can also be effective . Although the first few weeks of my stint as an online tutor was disheartening since there was not a single tutee around to ask me questions about lessons in class , my classmates and I were able to find out the factors that led to such event . Among such factors are technical difficulties faced by the tutees that prove to be a big obstacle in the success of online tutoring the cost to supply [banner_entry_middle]

online facilities with communication and network facilities the fear of the online tutoring environment and lastly , lack of interest among learners

As soon as we were able to identify the factors as to why there was no single tutee using the online tutoring program , my classmate and I tried to address these factors such as going personally to schools to teach and train the students into using the program and set up accounts in MSN Messenger . It was really daunting because despite all our efforts there seemed to be no improvement in getting online tutees to participate in the program

theless though , on the last week of my stint in the program , I finally received students who needed help with their Math subject . At first , I guided my tutees through each problem but then I realized that they did not understand my explanations . Instead , I changed my ways of tutoring and explained the whole concept to them and let them solve the problems by themselves . I learned the advantages of online tutoring that cannot be substituted with traditional or face-to-face teaching Students find it easier to get help anytime by either sending a tutor an email or online message . Moreover , those students who fail to ask questions in class for fear of being laughed at can ask freely ask questions because the anonymity provided by the online environment encourages them to ask questions and not feel embarrassed about it Eventually , my system of teaching worked pretty well and I realized for the first time that I was a good online tutor and that I might have a future as a teacher… [banner_entry_footer]


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