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Decide and Conquer

The book provides detailed overview of decision-making process and tips how to improve decision-making skills . Firstly , it is noted that choosing not to decide is still a decision . It means that a person may rationally examine current situation or problem and conclude that there is no proper alternative . Such approach is consistent with the decision-making process , according to the authors . Nevertheless , it is necessary to assess the costs of doing nothing and

Secondly , decisions should be made up in isolation meaning that every decision is actually part of [banner_entry_middle]

a stream of decisions . Therefore , it is better to make up a decision in the context and to assess future consequences of today ‘s decision . All current decisions should be linked to future objectives and goals meaning they should be consequent and rational

Thirdly , the author assumes that not all decisions are equally important . He states that importance of a decision increases in direct proportion to its effect on your future . It is better to make up longer-lasting decisions . People shouldn ‘t be obsessed about the smallest decisions . If a person sees no differences between important decisions and the rest , he will , surely , miss the critical one Therefore , it is necessary to make life-changing decisions i .e . such as are able to directly affect future goals

Fourthly , the author states that more information isn ‘t necessarily better ‘ meaning it is difficult to thoroughly analyze or select huge volumes of data collected . It is known that human memory has limited abilities of receiving and processing obtained information . Therefore , a person should focus on goals , to think critically about the information received and to make final decision

Finally , it is noted that successful people are able to risk and that experience may improve decision-making skills . Thus , the author wants to say that it is necessary to take only calculated risks and even experience may lead to arrogance


Robbins , St (2004 . Decide and Conquer : Make Winning Decisions and Take Control of Your Life . USA : Prentice Hall PAGE

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