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Though there are various types of thinking the basis of all thought , whether critical , scientific , creative or logical , is based upon reason . Reasoning is the mind ‘s natural ability to draw conclusions based on reason . We draw conclusions based upon what we know and then figure out our thoughts on the basis of our beliefs . As humans we take for granted that what we think is true , based upon individual assumptions . It is human nature to identify a goal and then immediately begin to move towards accomplishing that goal . However , we are all [banner_entry_middle]

br different and we think about the world as it is in line with our goals desires , needs and values . In to alter our way of thinking and approach issues effectively , a level of consciousness must be reached that forces us to focus on the details and determine the data ‘s validity . This focus can be placed through various types of thought

Critical thinking is the process in which we approach conscious thought taking into consideration our assumptions and the process we go through to mentally form our conclusion or basis of thought . In other words , in to become critical thinkers we must come to terms with the power of the mind . In to accomplish critical thought we must acknowledge that our thoughts are based upon our experience – social exposure , emotions and events that have taken place . Language is another important factor of critical thinking obtaining a command of words is imperative . For example , a person whose language is Hispanic by nature will learn English without the formation of concepts and ideas , which is quite opposite of native English speakers . We are exposed to concepts as we grow and have a tendency to memorize without understanding . Critical thought is obtaining a command over our thoughts , distinguishing between statement implications and what others infer as well as learning the elements of thought . The Critical thinker understands that clarity , accuracy , precision , relevance , depth breadth , logic , significance and fairness are critical to defining the explicit purpose of what one is attempting to accomplish

Creative thought is yet another approach to reaching an appropriate conclusion . Though many believe that creativity is impossible with their personality , this is not so . All humans can take something old and turn it into a new concept . Creative thinking is simply having the desire to create , obtaining knowledge about a specific subject and approaching with the Edison Effort . In other words the desire to succeed within an area you have knowledge will allow you to bend , push pull or twist your ideas into a creative concept . Frustration freezes the brain , therefore one must keep in mind that at times you will have to sleep on it ‘ or simply give it time to grow . Evaluation is imperative

Logical thinking , which seems to be similar to critical thinking is an approach that tends to be categorized . This thought process begins with two or more premises that are molded together to form an inevitable solution . Deductive thinking… [banner_entry_footer]


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