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Information politics suggests binding networks members together with the purpose to increase network effectiveness and efficiency . It is noted that information can be either informal or formal . Information provides testimony and facts to stimulate people and persuade them to act . Thus information politics aims at uncovering and investigating of problems as well as alerting policymakers and press . Media is an essential partner of information politics (Keck Sikkins ,


Symbolic politics aims at providing clear explanations of symbolic political events and actions being essential to network operating . It is [banner_entry_middle]

admitted that symbolic politics is rather important in the process of persuasion , because it creates people ‘s awareness and expands their knowledge . Symbolic politics highlights disparate events which make people change their minds . For example , Chile is claimed to be the symbol of democracy in the Latin America playing crucial role for the human rights (Keck Sikkins ,


Leverage politics aims at gaining influence over more powerful actors Material or moral leverage is considered to be the most important elements of network ‘s strategy . Material leverage is associated with money and is presented in international organizations and prestigious offices . Actually , the goal of leverage politics is to negotiate human rights . Moral leverage suggests mobilization of shame ‘ meaning that government should value good opinion towards others (Keck Sikkins br


Accountability politics aims at convincing governments to change their positions on certain important issues . Accountability politics is provided with opportunity to use the provisions of human rights in to persuade governments to introduce necessary changes . As it is noted once the government declared the democratic direction , the networks are able to use those positions to expose the difference between discourse and practice . It gives the government no abilities to close the distance (Keck Sikkins ,



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