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Substance abusers and treatment

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Running Head : Substance Abusers and Treatment

A Discussion on Substance Abuse and the Possible Treatments

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Substance abuse is one of the problems that concern every member of the society regardless of the demographic background such as the age gender , ethnicity and the status in the society . In relation to this notion , it is important to consider the state of the research and knowledge generated in relation to the substance abuse and the treatments undertaken . Another area covered by the study is the social [banner_entry_middle]

br dynamics relating to the different factors correlated to the types and effect of the substances subject for abuse and addiction and even the actions and hindrances encountered by the process of treatment . Five articles were reviewed on the basis of the said notions


Substance abuse can be considered as one of the issues in the society that require immediate attention by the public and the authorities due to the fact that the escalation of the problem can affect different aspects of life at the same time can lead to addiction . The problem can be considered as an immediate concern due to the fact that the youth are the most common victim of the prevalence of the different object of addiction . The problem of substance abuse constitutes different type of objects which includes alcohol and drugs as the most common abused substances . In terms of the treatment undertaken as an action towards the substance abuse , the harm-reduction and prohibition are the two techniques used to control the problem of the society related to the issue (Freeman , 2001 Rapid Detox , 2004

In the study that was conducted , the main goal is to assess major contributions related to the study on the substance abuse of different types and the possible treatments related to the problem

Article 1 : Gender , occupational , and socioeconomic correlates of alcohol and drug abuse among U .S . rural , metropolitan , and urban residents by Diala (2004

a . of the is the effects of alcohol and drug abuse which is the main of the . It was aimed to give a on the effects in relation to the rural , metropolitan and urban residents

b . Research question deals with the relationship of the different demographic characteristic and correlation variables in substance abuse e .g . alcohol and drug

c . Variables include the correlates of alcohol and drug abuse in the rural , metropolitan , and urban residents

d . Methodology : The study was based on the National Comorbidity Survey (NCS , specifically focused on the lifetime risk of alcohol and drug abuse such as cannabis , cocaine , and opiates . The main objective is to be able to present the diss that can be attributed to the use of the different substances through an NCS interview . The result of the study was established through the classification and social stratification variables such as race , gender and personal backgrounds such as the income and occupation due to the conceived relationship of with the factors under study

e . Results… [banner_entry_footer]


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