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Submit a two- page explanation of the competitive and cooperative strategies the Starbuck Company is pursuing.. Describe the strategies, give examples of how it has implemented them, and explain whether or not you believe they will be successful for the c

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Starbucks is one of the best known and fastest growing companies in the world . Set up in 1971 , in Seattle , the company grew slowly initially but expanded rapidly in the late 1980s and the 1990s . By the early 2000s , there were nearly 9 ,000 Starbucks outlets across the world and the company ‘s eventual retail target was to open 30 ,000 outlets . It was widely believed that the company ‘s success and rapid growth could be attributed largely to its committed and motivated workforce HYPERLINK “http /www .icmr .icfai .org ” http /www .icmr [banner_entry_middle]

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According to website HYPERLINK “http /www .sba .pdx .edu /faculty /tomg /marseille /Starbucks http /www .sba .pdx .edu /faculty /tomg /marseille /Starbucks / there are several key issues of current starbucks strategy , and these are as follows

Continue the focus on growth

Starbucks has been expanding its business not only in America but all over the world , even penetrating Asian countries who are not coffee consumers like China , who are tea drinkers . But Strabucks likes to take risks and that kind of challenge is a very risky one . But they are positive that they will be able to penetrate China market , and considering the strategies they have implemented , slowly they are gaining popularity among Chinese consumers ( HYPERLINK “http /www .atimes .com /atimes /China_Business http /www .atimes .com /atimes /China_Business

Establish a leadership positions with company owned stores in key markets – USA , Japan , Australia , and United Kingdom

To expand its U .S . retail presence , the company has joined with Kraft Foods to sell its coffee in some 25 ,000 grocery stores across the US . It has also signed an agreement with Albertson ‘s to open more than 100 coffee bars in some of its supermarkets ( HYPERLINK “http /parkercenter .johnson .cornell .edu /docs /other_research /1999_fall /s bux .pdf http /parkercenter .johnson .cornell .edu /docs /other_research /1999_fall /sb ux .pdf

Pre – emptively enter and aggressively grown in all targeted market

Starbucks customers are also more likely to be either young or old : 18 to 34 year-olds and 45 to 54 year olds buy the most Starbucks products The younger people do not have the money to buy this premium brand , so the strategy appears to be targeting older and more established consumers ( HYPERLINK “http /parkercenter .johnson .cornell .edu /docs /other_research /1999_fall /s bux .pdf http /parkercenter .johnson .cornell .edu /docs /other_research /1999_fall /sb ux .pdf . Therefore , in to attract younger crowd to buy and enjoy coffee is to offer them an option that are more affordable

Leverage the brand into new product and categories

In Starbucks to expand their horizon , they have chosen to merge and introduce new innovative products aside from just offering the consumers with coffee alone . Starbucks had merged with Pepsi and Dreyer ‘s to sell bottled Frappuccino (R ) coffee beverages ice cream through supermarket channels . The company makes and sells teas produced by its wholly-owned subsidiary , Tazo Tea Company ( HYPERLINK “http /parkercenter .johnson .cornell .edu /docs /other_research /1999_fall /s bux .pdf http /parkercenter… [banner_entry_footer]


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