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Students are encourages to reach their potential by recognizing the connection between intellectual and personal development, and by making a personal commitment to excellence. comment on this excerpt from our mission statement. How does it relate

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Code : Students are encouraged to reach their potential by recognizing the connection between intellectual and personal development , and by making a personal commitment to excellence comment on this excerpt from our mission statement We have to differentiate first between Intellectual and Personal Development ‘ in a person . We go to school with personal reasons , which is mainly because to obtain a certain profession and also due to the influences of their respective families . Students are required to develop their intellectual potentialities to the best they could , so as [banner_entry_middle]

to pass every test and eventually pass the subject . It means , the school has no other means to measure the abilities of their students but through their intellectual capabilities

Regarding the Personal Development of the students , as far as my observations are concerned , the school has nothing to do with it . If there is any , say a religious school , it will be in a way to recognize and acknowledge God in their day to day life and their relationship with others . And beyond that , no more . It is because we are in a materialistic society . Students must have the ability to earn a living being prepared for such a task . Such as , a high school student is being prepared for college just in case they could go on with their studies

In our materialistic society , for me it will be difficult for a student to understand what is about his personal development . Except schools have already evolved for generations , which is to have it included in the Religion subject . So as , having a grasp of what is good and bad . We are in a situation that , the intellectual development of the student is the one

Code Page 2 which is more of a concern . Now , allow me to give my views about personal development . It is something private , hidden in a person ‘s mind , that is for all of us not only students . When it be included in our educational system , then there must be a conflict . For example about sex or homosexuality , it is very personal and cannot be a part of our educational system . Because we just let them be . If one is looking at it the other way around , then just keep it to yourself . Also personal development will certainly touch about Morality . So that the situations look like this way . For a materialistic we now have intellectual development matters a lot . Since it is about money , so to speak directly . And it weigh much in our respective educational system Then touching a little about personal development . Say , teaching students not to lie , not to cheat , respect their parents , love of God etc

I say that , because no matter how we teach our students , say not to lie and cheat but they still do . Since if all students took that seriously then wars and conflicts will just end ! Does it mean , when they are already outside the school , they just do the exact opposite . And my answer… [banner_entry_footer]


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