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The current study has investigated the various factors which have contributed to the stress experience of Tata Consultancy employees . The research has adopted a descriptive-comparative research design , wherein the statistical comparisons between the control and experimental group show that there are indeed significant differences in their level of coping , with the experimental group yielding better responses to stress Sixty respondents have undergone a stress management workshop and have been purposively chosen to compose the experimental group , while the rest of the respondents have not undergone such an intervention

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these positive results attributed to the stress management intervention , the researcher recommends that the stress management programme be extended to the whole Tata workforce , so that they too may be equipped with the requisite skills that will enable them to cope with the stressful nature of their jobs . Since they occupy white collar positions , they frequently undergo severe mental stress . Thus , they must be accorded with the skills that may help them cope with their work demands and avoid burnout , absenteeism loss of productivity , and turnover . In the end , this seemingly small initiative of stress management will go a long way and help spell a real difference in contributing to Tata Consultancy ‘s coffers Contents

Chapter I


Pro of Stress

Need Importance of Study

Scope of the Study

Limitations of Study

Objectives of Study

Chapter Arrangement Chapter II

Stress Management -Literature Review

Chapter III

Data Analysis

Discussion of the analysis

Chapter IV





Annexure A Study on the Impact of Stress Management over the Job Performance and Organizational Change

chapter 1 : Introduction


In today ‘s corporate world , with the nature of work changing at whirlwind speed , stress at work and stress-induced ill health has become a al subject with many people , and a matter of concern with many organizations

The number of individuals affected by job stress is growing day by day in almost every industry . According to Health and Safety Executive (2006 , work place stress is now the fastest growing cause of absence from work . The need of the hour is to avoid stress or manage it before it has adverse affects on the individuals . Another important concern is that the poor standards of performance by many employees due to the effects of stress at work represent a substantial financial loss to their organizations and the nation ‘s economy . Hence , there is an urgent need for the organizations to understand what is job stress , the causes for the same , and to incorporate stress protection for their employees into their management systems . Many organizations , including TCS haven ‘t taken such measures to a considerable extent yet

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The current study aims to verify the effectiveness of stress management in improving the level of employee productivity of Tata Consultancy Services employees to describe their levels of job stress to discuss the factors that contribute to employees ‘ stress experience and recommending measures for preventing distress within the organisation

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