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Strengthening Desirable Behavior

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Strengthening Desirable Behavior

The key to increasing a good and desirable behavior in the classroom is by using elements that include the motivating and reinforcing of students ‘ behavior . It is important , in to strengthen desirable behavior in a classroom , to encourage students and to use positive reinforcement . This is so because it seems like students seem to behave perform , and learn better when they feel like they are achieving rather than failing or not doing a good job . It is a teacher ‘s responsibility to help and encourage students to strive all [banner_entry_middle]

the way to the top and to be able to bring out a student ‘s highest potential . When students lack a certain amount of motivation , they might be less willing to actually to the best that they can do

The participation in students in group discussions are a crucial part of the teaching and learning process . When students participate actively in discussions , they can share and learn about being able to express their thoughts , ideas , and suggestions . Asking questions is also part of participation . By asking questions , they will learn how to use the information to increase their knowledge and understanding of the material that is being taught . This is also very important for teachers because it lets us know what they do or do not understand . In to encourage students to participate positively during group discussions I plan to help students create a bridge between the gap of the materials they learn in the classroom and how they relate to their own everyday experiences . This helps them create connections that will help them gain an understanding , therefore , they will be able to participate more . I will also balance out lecture time and the amount of time for us to discuss about it . When I ask questions and the students respond correctly , I will give them verbal praise with positive things to let them know that their answer was good . Along with this , I will also throw in a smile that is encouraging . On the other hand , if a student does not know the answer , got it wrong , or just simply blanks out , I will phrase the question in an easier way or give them certain clues that will help them answer . I will also attempt to create a system that rewards them for participating . For instance , for those who score A ‘s on their tests it could mean that they participated more and therefore were able to understand the material better . For those students , a reward could be 30 minutes of free time on Friday

The term “tardiness , means when a person does not arrive on time There are many reasons for students to not be able to arrive to class on time . Some reasons could range from certain reasons that the student has no control of , to the attention they recieve when they walk in late , to them having trouble with time management . I think that being on time is an important issue because it allows for students to learn about responsibility and time management . Therefore , as early as the beginning of the school , I will emphasize the importance to being on time and demand the importance of having good attendance . It is also important to establish a strong communication with parents from the very beginning If a teacher creates a strong foundation since day one , they will get better results . To encourage students to arrive on time for class , I will greet students in a welcoming manner at the door as they are walking in to the classroom . I will also try to find measures that will make them want to come to class on time . At the very beginning of class I will have fun and interesting activities like games , a puzzle , a riddle , jokes , a brain twister , etc . I could also have them do a short quiz about the material learned the day before , however , I will try to make it so the quiz can only help them . counting as extra credit . I will create a system to if nobody is absent or tardy for a certain amount of time , the class get to have a pizza or ice-cream party . When this happens , I will use public display of good work by placing a large sign in the classroom stating the amount of days that the class has gone with no absent and tardies . This will let students know what a good job they are doing . There are rewards for arriving on time . theless with rewards , also come penalties and consequences for those who do not arrive on time . Some consequences might be : filling out a form stating why they were late and what they can do to avoid this from happening again (along with the signature of a parent , staying in for recess detention (if problem is consistent and has occured many times , or having a talk with parents about the problem

It is important for students to turn in assignments on time . Homework is a review of what the student learned or is learning in class . It also serves as a link beteween school and home . The saying “Practice makes perfect ” is closely related and is relevant to homework . The more you review a , the better you can remember and be able to apply the information . Turning assignments on time is important for several reasons : it allows student to learn about time management , it prevents students from falling behind , and it also allows for the teacher to be able to give feedback to the students a timely way . In have different methods that can encourage students to turn in their assignments on time . I will enforce a late work policy . Students must turn in their assignments at the beginning of class . This will prevent students from trying to finish their homework from the night before during class Those who turn in their assignments on time will be rewarded , likewise those who do not will be penalized . Those who don ‘t turn things on time will have to suffer consequences such as the assignment will be automatically dropped a letter grade lower or five /ten points will be deducted for each day after the date it was supposed be turned in . In to motivate students I will pick a longer word like “magnificent or “awesome . For each day that the whole class hands their in assignments on time , they will recieve a letter that makes this mystery word up . When the whole word is spelled out , the class gets to celebrate (popcorn and a movie , extra recess , free time , etc . I will also try to use different types of resources for homework to make it more intresting and exciting . Instead of always sticking to homework that comes out of textbooks and teacher guides , I will have students use other resources such as the internet , magazines , books from the library , television music , etc . This way , there is a greater variety and it allows for students to explore , learn , and have fun at the same time . One of the other things I will do is provide them with homework logs so that they hae to write down all their homework and have parents check and sign the log . By doing so , I will be inviting me (the teacher , the students , and their parents to become actively involved in the learning process

Being prepared for class is a very important responsibility that students should learn and know . If students have all their materials ready at the beginning of the class , there will be more productive learning time . Many times , teachers spend have little time to cover all the material and information due to lack of organization in the classroom . Organizational skills as simple as being prepared and having all materials ready for class are important skills that will become crucial as students grow older and go to middle and high school . To remind students to bring all their class materials on a daily basis , I will implement a fun acronym such as PANTS (Pencils , Assignments Notebooks , Textbooks , Student ) Acronymns are catchy and makes things a lot easier to remember . I will require parents to buy pencil boxes so that students are more organized and will not misplace little things like erasers , pencils , etc . I will also have students keep different assignments in different colored folders so that they can tell which assignments they have that night . Five or ten minutes before class ends I will have students write down all their homework and have them check for everything that they need to take home . I will ocassionaly have random spot checks to see whether or not the students are following instructions . It believe that all these little things will help students in a great way . It is just as important for teachers to have their materials ready to teach in class as students being prepared with their materials to be able to learn efficiently . Of course , once in a while students will forget . That is why I will have a little in the classroom with extra materials (textbooks , pencils , erasers , etc ) just in case they forget

Not all students are as successful as others . Many students have a much harder time than other do . It is important for teachers to always provide encouragement and motivate students in to help them achieve at a greater level . Everyone learns and understands things in a different way and pace . It is important to give praise to those who do a good job in class . theless , it is even more important to help those students who are struggling . To encourage an individual student who has been struggling to complete and turn in assignments to participate more consistently and positively in class I would first have a little talk with them . Without making the student feel like he /she is under pressure or interrogation , I would try to communicate with them eye to eye rather than having a authorative teacher and helpless student talk . I would help let them understand that one reason they might be having trouble is because of the lack of participation on their behalf Learning should always be a fun and memorable experience , however , it is the opposite when a student is struggling in class . Instead of making the student talk or explain his behavior in front of the whole class the reason I choose to have a one on one talk with the student is because he /she might lack the confidence in facing and talking in front of a bigger group . Pushing them will only drive them away . I would try to keep him in after class for a few minutes so I can talk to him about his favorite subjects and activities that are taught in class . I would also ask them questions about the assignment or project given so that he knows knows that he is on the right track , giving him confidence . I would also try a different approach . Instead of having a large , whole class discussion , I would have smaller groups or teams so those indivual students will have a chance to participate as well . The type of reinforcement system I would implement in this case would probably have a student of the week award , which awards one student a week for improvement . The award also comes with a reward . This will give every student a fair chance to be the student of the week p… [banner_entry_footer]


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