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stravinsky concert video review

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Stravinsky can be considered as one of the most important composers of the 20th century

He has a special flavor . I liked few of his ballets especially the well known ones

Petrouchka , The Firebird , and The Rite of Spring . The Rite of Spring was one of his most famous ballets that provoked a riot on its premiere day in Paris . It was The Rite ‘ that set the pace for future composers The Rite of Spring had very violent dance steps where the crowd gave response in whistles huge commotion . Even the musicians [banner_entry_middle]

seem to enjoy the pagan like rhythm of the music

Stravinsky doesn ‘t seem to be a follower he likes to experiment with polytonality and interesting orchestration . However his music doesn ‘t feel jarring , as he likes to remain within the tradition of music Another piece which I liked was the Symphony of Psalms , where I could feel the combination of brass , choir and strings but no violin , which makes it very distinct from typical religious music . The Symphony of Psalms has appealed me a lot , especially the part where the chant is accompanied by piano . Even the audience was very emotional at the scene I saw some people crying in passions . Another favorite piece was his Symphony in Three Movements that was written in 1942-45 . Compared to his earlier Symphony of C , this piece is more loud and chromatic

The 19th and 20th century had produced many good composers , such as Anton Bruckner and Gustav Mahler who were very highly skilled in their art . The traditional classical orchestra of Wagner seems influential in these composers ‘s works . Stravinsky even though continued the Romantic trend but I believe his music is combination of different instruments that creates a unique effect on his audience


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