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Strategic Management: Case study of Sony Corporation: The vision of tomorrow

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Strategic Management : Case study of Sony Corporation : The vision of tomorrow

Executive Summary

Sony Corporation is leading manufacturer of electronics products and information technology product . Sony Corporation has been expending its trade volume since it ‘s inception in late sixties . Gradually it ‘s trade volume capture lion part of market share . Sony ‘s market volume started declining since late nineties . A strategic management is the process by which summarises to developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organization ‘s goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities [banner_entry_middle]

. It involves defining a dynamic company mission , vision setting others supporting aim and objectives . It also is planning a sound business portfolio , deterring its goal , and trying to coordinate functional strategies . Objectives will be more specific , measurable achievable and timely . It is lagging behind in the overseas trade . It was undoubtedly a major flaw of management . It needs reshuffling of management with the objective of bringing dynamism in the operation of Sony Corporation . It needs to categorize the level of strategy . Three categories of strategy could be formulated for the sake of uplifting the Sony Corporation


Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation and one of the leading manufacturers of electronics , videos and information technology product for the consumers worldwide . Sony Group engages in trade on electronics , games , entertainment and financial services . The objectives of this dissertation are to analyze the case study of Sony Corporation We have to work out modalities of providing solution , recommendation and implementation of Sony Corporation through strategic management analysis


Sony Corporation of America located in New York , it ‘s headquartered in Tokyo . Sony is the potential manufacturer of audio , video and information technology for global consumers . Sony Corporation launching Television , cassette , computer entertainment and online business Globally . Sony Corporation is administering altruistic acts for the cause of providing humanitarian assistance such as assisting the local communities , improving better education , funding for recovery of fatal disease , patronizing arts and culture . Sony Corporation extended helping hand at the time of catastrophe like earthquake and hurricane . Sony card , issued by J .P Morgan Chase , is a versatile reward credit card that gives consumers numerous scopes through everyday purchase to earn points redeemable for Sony reward . Card member could receive number of reward with purchase

Sony Corporation of America is providing free interactive communication technology and entertainment for all ages . Sony Corporation of America provides scope for art education . The free programs offer student in the city of Los Angeles . Classes are held in drawing , designing and animation . Instructions are provided through computer . After graduation many student

Join arts program with the objective of getting job in the entertainment industry . Sony is supporting the students with equipment , faculty training and student monitoring

Sony Corporation ‘s core competence of product miniaturization is the foundation on which its products are differentiated . Miniaturized radios , televisions , transistors , the camc and the Walkman cassette rec are examples of products that Sony developed through the use of this core competence . Recently , the miniaturization… [banner_entry_footer]


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