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Strategic Human Resources Research

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Strategic Human Resources Research

An essential part of Strategic Human Resources is that proper attention be given to the personnel function . The overall purpose of HRM is to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through employees . According to Campbell (1997 : HRM systems can be the source of organizational capabilities that allow firms to learn and capitalize on new opportunities (23 . AT T ( HYPERLINK “http /www .att .com www .att .com ) is one of the companies which select effective HR strategies in to improve customer service and productivity (1 ) Training [banner_entry_middle]

needs analysis is a key element of improved organizational performance . It increases the level of individual and organizational competence and helps to reconcile the gap between what should happen and desired targets and standards of performance and what is happening and actual levels of work performance (2 ) Training of staff (both managers and sales personal ) is one of the main strategic tools employed by AT T . In AT T , performance deficiencies result from motivational problem which is closely connected with lack of skills and fear of change . In this case , training (a ) increase the confidence , motivation and commitment provide recognition and increase responsibility (b ) give a feeling of personal satisfaction and achievement (c ) opportunities for career development (d ) help to improve the quality of staff (Armstrong , 2003 . Training development is based on a combination of on-the-job-training through delegation project work , coaching and guided self-analysis , trial periods and simulation and off-the-job-learning (3 ) Management staff (leading by vice president of HR Chris Morena ) also receives additional training focusing on employee ‘s motivation and work design programs to help employees identify their goal and professional development strategies , improve communication and corporate culture (4 ) Change management is important in to reduce resistance to change and improve motivation of employees . One of the most important factors in the successful implementation of organizational change is the style of managerial behavior . In certain situations , AT T management makes use of hierarchical authority . Some members may actually prefer and respond better , to a directed and controlled style of management (6 ) Participative change process : staff are kept fully informed of proposals and encouraged to adopt a positive attitude and personal involvement in the implementation of the change (Armstrong , 2003 . With the participative change , a great advantage is that once the change is accepted it is long lasting . Since everyone has been involved in the development of the change , each employee tends to be devoted to change

7-Eleven (www .7-eleven .com ) adopts similar HR approach which helps it to achieve organization objectives and implement change (1 ) 7-Eleven views training as investments in people . A particular and increasingly popular approach to management development courses is through action learning . Typically , this involves a small self-selecting team undertaking a practical , real-life and organizational-based project . The emphasis is on learning by doing with advice and support from tutors and other course members (2 ) External short courses and further professional study are also important . This strategy is effectively used on all… [banner_entry_footer]


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