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Strategic Business Analysis Case Study

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A current standing and operational level analysis would be conducted . Furthermore , a comparative approach would be used to determine the similarities and differences in the airline ‘s strategic operation with that in operation in another airline organization


Southwest Airline is a United States airline carrier that provides air-traveling services to its customers who are made of businesspersons and passengers traveling on normal routine air travel . The airline began operation since 1971 when it started operating the license it got for incorporating its air traveling [banner_entry_middle]

organization in 1967 . The organization was formally promoted by Rollin King , a San Antonio , Texas entrepreneur This is made possible by a legal practitioner , Herb Kelleher . With the managerial skill of Lamar Muse the organization kicked off its operation . This trio contributed the finance to promote the airline organization with a sum of 560 ,000 . The organization started operating in June 1970 , where it initiated it 6 round-trip from Dallas to San Antonio , and 12 round-trip from Houston and Dallas . Form its days of the organization ‘s humble beginning , it witnessed moment of difficulties in its bid to consolidate on its operations and build a network of customers that would continue patronizing the airline with its goodwill it intend endearing for itself . Due to the few airplanes the organization has in its control , it adopted a strategy of carrying out a 10 minutes turn around trip . Here , staffers were made to evacuate passengers and luggage , fuel and tidy up the plane within 10 minutes of its landing to embark on a turn around trip back . This really pays off for the organization , as this culture stuck with it until date where it is recognized as one of the fastest airline with timely takeoff and return trip . During period when… [banner_entry_footer]


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