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Stock Broker and Planner Assistance

I studied stocks and futures a long time before I decided to invest . Futures seemed to be easier but more dangerous than stocks , so I decided to start out trading stocks . Eventually , I learned a great deal about trading stocks , and when I decided to trade , I was willing to trade on my own , but a friend recommended a stock broker , so I tried him out for a while . His name was Josef Aboaf . I didn ‘t feel it was absolutely necessary to have a broker , but on [banner_entry_middle]

the other hand , I didn ‘t really know if I knew enough to trade the markets on my own . However , I did know enough to be aware of my goals and the general tactics to achieve those goals if I had solid knowledge about the securities at my disposal . Product knowledge was what I needed most and what brokers provide . It is also the area where brokers cannot always be trusted sometimes through no fault of their own . Brokerage firms often manipulate the brokers without their knowledge so that the brokers can or will manipulate their clients . I believe that planners are less likely to do this

Joe was not a broker by training . In fact , he was a pharmacist . I don ‘t recall how he first became interested in stocks or what ultimately moved him into becoming a broker , but ultimately , I ‘m glad he did . He was a nice man and a good broker . As I ‘ve seen , many brokers don ‘t know much more than their clients . Often , brokers are more or less forced into pushing products that they actually know very little about , but which their firm is trying to move . As a result , the broker becomes caught in the middle , depending on his /her firm ‘s skewed view of the product and his or her own limited knowledge of the product and the market

I can honestly say that Joe was a good broker . He tried to do what was best for his clients and to make his trades a win-win proposition for the client , himself and the firm . However , from my perspective , it is probably true that many brokers , especially new brokers , don ‘t know enough about the peculiarities and particulars of the markets to make good trades , especially with stocks that are not among the most common like Cisco , IBM and Microsoft . Also , in today ‘s markets , I doubt that even good brokers can make trading in the market valuable in the short term

Personally , I think a good broker must be persistent , open minded and able not to fall in love with a stock . The idea of falling in love with a stock means that if he /she finds a good stock , he /she must be open minded enough to abandon it if he /she finds out he /she is wrong or if the trading environment suddenly changes . Furthermore , I believe a good broker will have enough knowledge about… [banner_entry_footer]


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